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Common faults and solutions of smart compact shelves

time:July 14, 2023, 7:20 a.m. source:

In this era of intelligence, the intelligent compact shelf is a very popular one, and it stands out among many products with its unique intelligent system. No matter how good things are, there will be some problems or damages when they are used. Let's introduce the common faults and solutions of smart compact shelves in detail. Let's find out together!

Common Faults of Smart Shelves

1. When operating the control panel of the intelligent compact shelf, the shelf can not work according to our instructions, but the indicator light on one side of the shelf can light up normally. In this case, the system circuit will fail due to long-term non-use, mainly because the fuse on the control circuit board is blown, resulting in disconnection. The user should check whether the fuse in the distribution box is normal in time and replace it in time to ensure its normal operation.

2. The intelligent compact rack cannot be used, the control screen does not appear, and the indicator light does not light up

Not available. We must first check whether the power supply is normal. It may be that the power supply is not turned on, or it may be that the intelligent intensive cabinet is overloaded due to operational errors, resulting in direct damage to the system. If this is the case, you need to reinstall the smart shelf, please contact the manufacturer, and it will not be able to be installed without a person.

compact shelf

3. The computer announces the command, but the product does not respond

Reason: The power supply of the fixed column panel is bad or the computer port is not set correctly. Solution: Press the power switch on the fixed column button to reset the ports on the computer.

4. When the computer is running, the screen state is disordered

Reason: signal scramble or virus intrusion, the plug of the signal cable is loose. Treatment: Turn off the power and restart, check whether the connector can still be used, and start the self-check function of the file storage rack system to automatically repair; if there is still a problem, please contact the manufacturer to send a technician.

5. After the power supply is powered on, red displays some common phenomena, such as no light

Reason: The anti-leakage maintenance switch has tripped, and the interface between the power cord and the intensive cabinet is loose. Inspection method: It is estimated that the contact is poor, and then plug in the power and restart.

compact shelf

Precautions for the use of compact shelves

1. Before use, check the debris in the track or pipe. If there are sundries that need to be cleaned up, to ensure that the guide rails are unobstructed.

2. When removing the dense cabinet and entering the channel of the dense cabinet to take things, you should check whether other personnel are working. Make sure to remove only one aisle at a time, and it is strictly forbidden to remove two rows of aisles in the same group of intensive cabinets at the same time. Otherwise, a safety accident may occur.

3. After removing the dense cabinet, before entering the channel for operation, the safety device must be locked first to avoid accidents caused by misoperation by others.

4. The speed of moving the cabinet should be moderate, and it should not be rotated quickly with force, so as to avoid loosening of screws due to frequent and rapid impact on the cabinet, affecting normal use.

compact shelf

5. The number of cabinets moved at the same time shall not exceed 5 rows. When it is necessary to operate and move more than 5 rows of dense cabinets at the same time, the operation should be carried out twice. Moving more than 5 rows of dense cabinets at the same time may cause the chain to break.

6. When the dense cabinet cannot be moved, please check whether the safety device is locked. When the dense cabinet is stuck, it cannot be moved forcibly to avoid mechanical damage.

7. When storing documents, the upper limit of the design of the dense cabinet should be observed, and it should not be overloaded. The upper limit of the load-bearing capacity of each laminate is 60kg, and the upper limit of the load-bearing capacity of each row of racks is 30kg. On the premise that the shelf or the tension frame does not exceed the upper limit of the bearing capacity.

8. The dense cabinet is only used for the storage of the body. Do not use the file dense cabinet frame and laminates as an escalator to climb, so as to avoid personal injury caused by uneven load-bearing on one side of the frame.

The above article summarizes the common faults and solutions of smart racks in detail. I hope it can help everyone. If you have any other questions about the racks, please leave a message to us.

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