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  • Flood Tray
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  • Flood Tray
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Flood Tray

A flood tray, also known as a flood table or propagation tray, is a container used in hydroponic and indoor gardening systems to hold and distribute water or nutrient solution to plants. It is a vital component of various hydroponic setups, including ebb and flow systems, Deep Water Culture (DWC), nutrient film technique (NFT), and more. The flood tray provides a controlled environment for plants to grow and ensures that they receive the necessary water and nutrients.

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Flood Tray Features


Flood trays are typically made of durable, waterproof materials such as plastic (e.g., ABS, PVC, or HDPE) or other materials like galvanized steel or aluminum. The material is selected to withstand exposure to water and nutrient solutions without degrading.

Size and Dimensions

Flood trays come in various sizes and dimensions to accommodate different plant configurations and growing spaces. They can range from small propagation trays for starting seeds or cuttings to larger trays used for growing mature plants.

Reservoir and Drainage

The flood tray has a built-in reservoir or space to hold water or nutrient solution. It is designed with drainage holes or outlets to allow excess water to drain away during the ebb phase in ebb and flow systems or to maintain the desired nutrient film thickness in NFT systems.

Flood and Drain Cycle

In ebb and flow systems, the flood tray is periodically filled with nutrient solution during the flood cycle, providing the plants with water and nutrients. After a specific duration, the solution drains back into the reservoir during the drain cycle. This process is automated through a pump and timer system or controlled manually.

Seed Germination and Cloning

Flood trays are commonly used for seed germination and cloning processes. In these applications, the trays provide a moist and controlled environment to support the early growth stages of plants.

Hydroponic Systems

Flood trays are a central component of various hydroponic systems, where plants grow without soil, directly in water, or a nutrient solution. The trays hold the nutrient solution, which is essential for plant growth and development.


Flood trays can be used for a wide range of plants, including vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more. Their versatility makes them suitable for different types of hydroponic or indoor gardening setups.

Plant Health and Maintenance

Properly designed flood trays ensure even distribution of water and nutrients, promoting healthy plant growth and preventing overwatering or underwatering. They also make it easier for growers to monitor and maintain the plants.


Some flood trays come with additional features like built-in drain fittings, mesh bottoms, or grooved surfaces to enhance drainage and airflow.

Flood Tray Specification

Name Flood tray
Size 4’*8’, 5’*8’, 3’*6’.customized size is also acceptable
Material ABS
Color GRAY
Tray depth 70mm
Package Plywood pallet:60-120pcs/pallet
Fittings Drain pipe

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