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  • Single-sided Bookshelves
  • Single-sided Bookshelves
  • Single-sided Bookshelves
  • Single-sided Bookshelves
  • Single-sided Bookshelves
  • Single-sided Bookshelves
  • Single-sided Bookshelves
  • Single-sided Bookshelves

Single-sided Bookshelves

Single-sided bookshelves are bookshelves that are designed to be placed against a wall or used as standalone units with one visible side. Unlike double-sided bookshelves, which have shelves on both sides and can be accessed from either direction, single-sided bookshelves offer storage and display space only on one side.

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Single-sided Bookshelves Features 

Space-Efficient: Single-sided bookshelves are ideal for areas with limited space or narrow corridors. By utilizing only one side, they save floor space and provide storage without obstructing pathways.Wall-Mounted or Freestanding: Single-sided bookshelves can be wall-mounted, attached directly to the wall for added stability and space-saving, or they can be freestanding, standing on their own.

Versatility: Single-sided bookshelves come in various designs and configurations to fit different storage needs and room layouts. They are available in various heights, widths, and shelf arrangements.

Easy Access: With shelves accessible from one side, single-sided bookshelves are easy to navigate, and users can quickly find and access items without moving around the unit.

Display and Organization: These bookshelves are suitable for displaying books, decorative items, photographs, and other objects while also providing an organized storage solution.

Aesthetics: Single-sided bookshelves can enhance the aesthetics of a room or space, serving as functional storage and decorative elements.

Room Dividers: In some cases, single-sided bookshelves can be used as room dividers, creating separate spaces or sections within an open floor plan.

Easy Installation: Wall-mounted single-sided bookshelves are generally easy to install, requiring minimal assembly and mounting to the wall.

Customization: Some single-sided bookshelves offer adjustable shelves, allowing users to customize the spacing between shelves to accommodate various book sizes or display items.

Variety of Materials: Single-sided bookshelves are available in various materials, such as wood, metal, or laminated particle board, providing options to match different decor styles.

Single-sided Bookshelves Specifications

A. Overall Width (mm)


 Storage Volume

 (cu. m.)


B. Overall Depth (mm)



Cold Roll Steel

C. Overall Height (mm)


Color(s) Available

All colors listed above

Shelf Size (mm)



Powder Coat

Shelf Levels


Unit Weight



Shelf Adjustments

30mm increments


5-YEAR against manufacturing defects

 Shelf Capacity (kgs.)

 (evenly distributed loads)


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