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  • Combination Cabinets
  • Combination Cabinets
  • Combination Cabinets
  • Combination Cabinets
  • Combination Cabinets
  • Combination Cabinets
  • Combination Cabinets

Combination Cabinets

Combination cabinet combines versatile storage features and superior durability especially for office and home, The combination-style design provides the flexibility of two organized spaces divided by a center partition. Simple and practical design of tall storage cabinet make it to be widely used in office, garages, basements, home, archives, warehouse, or anywhere secure storage space is required.

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Combination cabinets are versatile storage solutions that typically combine different types of storage compartments in a single unit. These cabinets are designed to offer a variety of storage options within one piece of furniture, providing a convenient and organized solution for various settings.

Combination Cabinets Features

Combination type

Combination type storage cabinets includes a full-width upper shelf, a center vertical partition, 3 adjustable partial-width shelves, and one partial-width coat rod.

Safety storage

Unique three-point locking system integrated with handle design, easily grip to open and close the door while protection your valuables. The metal lock is beautiful and durable, and 2 keys are used as a spare to prevent the situation where the key is lost and cannot be opened.

Adjustable shelf design

The storage cabinet uses four adjustable shelves. You can move to the desired height by adjusting the shelf pegs according to the size of the things.

Protect your product

In addition to being a great choice for storing a large number of items, this tall steel cabinet can add extra space to any room, ideal for protecting your products from Light exposure, temperature, dirt, and dust.

Easy assembling

2 Swing doors with a 180°opening angle. The combination storage cabinet is a knock-down structure, when you receive it, you need to assemble it. The package comes with detailed assembly instructions, easy to assemble.

Combination Cabinets Specifications

A. Overall Width (mm)


Locking Mechanism

3-point locking

B. Overall Depth (mm)


Door Type

Solid Double Door

C. Overall Height (mm)


 Storage Volume

 (cu. m.)


Shelf Levels



Cold Roll Steel

Adjustable Shelves


Color(s) Available

All colors listed above

Shelf Adjustments

30mm increments


Powder Coat

 Shelf Capacity (kgs.)

 (evenly distributed loads)


Unit Weight



Handle Type



5-YEAR against manufacturing defects

Types of Combination Cabinets

File and Storage Cabinets

Combining filing drawers with open shelves or closed cabinets, these cabinets are suitable for offices or home offices requiring both document storage and general storage space.

Bookcase with Cabinets

These cabinets integrate steel bookshelves with closed cabinets, offering a combination of display space for books and decorative items along with concealed storage.

Desk and Storage Cabinets:

Combination cabinets that incorporate a desk or workspace along with storage compartments. These are practical for home offices or small workspaces.

Wardrobe and Storage Cabinets:

Combining wardrobe-style storage with additional shelves or drawers, these cabinets are useful for bedrooms or entryways, providing both hanging space and general storage.

Media Storage Cabinets:

Designed for audio-visual equipment, these cabinets may combine open shelving for media devices with closed storage for DVDs, CDs, or other media accessories.

Kitchen Pantry Cabinets:

In kitchen settings, combination cabinets can integrate pantry-style shelving with closed cabinets for storing dry goods, kitchenware, or appliances.

Considerations When Choosing Combination Cabinets

Storage Needs

Assess your specific storage needs to determine the combination of compartments that would best suit your requirements.

Space Availability

Consider the available space in the room or area where the combination cabinet will be placed. Ensure that the cabinet's dimensions fit the intended space.

Materials and Finish

Choose a combination cabinet that is made from durable and aesthetically pleasing materials. Consider the finish that complements the overall decor of the room.

Security Features

If you plan to store valuable or sensitive items, consider whether the cabinet comes with locking mechanisms or other security features.

Mobility Requirements

Determine whether mobility is a requirement. Some combination cabinets are designed with casters, making them easy to move around.


Consider your budget when selecting a combination cabinet. Prices can vary based on materials, design complexity, and brand.

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