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  • Drying Cart
  • Drying Cart
  • Drying Cart
  • Drying Cart
  • Drying Cart
  • Drying Cart
  • Drying Cart
  • Drying Cart

Drying Cart

A vertical grow rack drying cart, also known as a drying rack or drying shelf, is a specialized storage system used in the drying and curing process of harvested plants, herbs, flowers, or other agricultural products. It is commonly used in the cannabis industry for drying marijuana buds after harvest. The vertical design of the drying cart allows for efficient use of space and increased airflow, which is essential for the drying process.

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A vertical grow rack drying cart is a specialized type of drying cart that is designed for use in the cultivation and harvesting of plants. It is typically used in indoor or greenhouse growing operations where space is limited and maximizing vertical space is essential.

The rack consists of multiple tiers of shelves that are used to hold plants or harvested buds for drying. The shelves are spaced close together to maximize the use of vertical space and provide ample airflow to ensure proper drying.

The vertical grow rack drying cart typically features a built-in ventilation system that helps to control temperature and humidity levels within the drying environment. This can help prevent mold and mildew from forming on the plants during the drying process.

In addition, the vertical design of the rack allows for easy access to each tier, making it easy to check on the progress of the drying process and to rotate the plants or buds as needed.

Specification of Drying Cart


Vertical Grow Rack Drying Cart

Model No.



H1650*W1530*D610mm(could be customized)


0.8-2.35mm cold rolled steel(can customized)


Electrostaic Powder coating


RAL color or customized




3 years

Drying Cart Parts

➢Column and T-bar

  1. Real-time adjustment to obtain the best plant density + ventilation
  2.  Transfer from the cart to the shelf without disturbing the plants


  1. Move the harvested plants to the drying room
  2. Complete the drying process on the cart or transfer the plants to the shelf
  3. The tray catches the fallen plant material

➢Mobile cart

  1. Eliminate wasted space
  2. Install growing racks or your existing shelve.
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