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  • Steel Bookshelves
  • Steel Bookshelves
  • Steel Bookshelves
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  • Steel Bookshelves
  • Steel Bookshelves
  • Steel Bookshelves

Steel Bookshelves

Steel bookshelves are bookshelves or shelving units made primarily from steel, a durable and robust metal known for its strength and longevity. These bookshelves are popular choices for various environments, including offices, libraries, schools, industrial facilities, and even residential spaces, due to their many advantages.

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Steel bookshelves are a type of book storage solution made from steel or steel-based materials. These bookshelves are known for their durability, strength, and versatility. They find applications in various settings, including homes, offices, libraries, and educational institutions.

Steel Bookcase Features

Versatile Design

Our single-sided bookshelves measure 350mm in depth, perfect for a single row of books and ideal for placement against a wall. Our double-sided bookshelves, with a depth of 450mm, allow for book storage on both sides.

Superior Material & Construction

Constructed with high-quality cold-rolled steel, our bookshelves are built with durability in mind. They boast a sturdy structure, high strength, and excellent resilience.

Adjustable Shelves

Customize your shelf height with increments of 43.75mm, allowing for ultimate flexibility in storing books of various sizes and formats, from small picture books to large tomes. Organize your book collection with ease.

Space-Saving & Efficient

Design your bookshelf layout to suit your personal needs, making the most of your available space and keeping your book collection neat and organized.

Eco-Friendly & Safe

Our bookshelves are coated with an epoxy resin electrostatic spray, which is environmentally friendly and free of formaldehyde. This odorless, non-toxic finish ensures a safe and healthy reading environment.

Classic & Stylish Colors

Choose from a range of timeless colors, including white and black, which effortlessly complement any home style. The minimalist design and versatile colors allow our bookshelves to blend seamlessly into every corner of your home.

Invest in our steel bookshelves today and enjoy a durable, customizable, and eco-friendly solution for your book storage needs.

Steel Bookshelves Specifications

A. Overall Width (mm)


 Storage Volume

 (cu. m.)


B. Overall Depth (mm)



Cold Roll Steel

C. Overall Height (mm)


Color(s) Available

All colors listed above

Shelf Size (mm)



Powder Coat

Shelf Levels


Unit Weight



Shelf Adjustments

43.75mm increments




5-YEAR against manufacturing defects

 Shelf Capacity (kgs.)

 (evenly distributed loads)


Applications of Steel Bookshelves

Home Libraries

Steel bookshelves can be used in home libraries, providing a sturdy and long-lasting solution for book storage. They are available in various designs to match different home aesthetics.


In office settings, steel bookshelves are commonly used for storing reference materials, binders, and other documents. Their strength and durability make them suitable for heavy daily use.

Libraries and Educational Institutions

Libraries and educational institutions often utilize steel bookshelves for their collections. The ability to withstand high usage and the potential for customization make them practical in these settings.

Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces, including bookstores, retail environments, and business centers, may use steel bookshelves for displaying products, promotional materials, or merchandise.

Archives and Record Storage

Steel bookshelves are well-suited for archival storage, providing a secure and durable solution for storing records, documents, and historical materials.


Weight Capacity

Check the weight capacity of the shelves to ensure they can support the intended load, especially if storing heavy items like large books or binders.

Dimensions and Configuration

Consider the dimensions of the steel bookshelves to ensure they fit in the intended space. Additionally, assess the configuration of the shelves to meet specific storage needs.


Choose a style and finish that complements the overall design of the space. Modern steel bookshelves often come in sleek designs that can enhance the visual appeal of a room.

Security Features

If storing valuable or sensitive items, consider whether the steel bookshelves come with security features, such as locking mechanisms.

Assembly and Installation

Check the assembly requirements and installation process to ensure they align with your preferences and available resources.

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