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Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving are “racks that can move on rails”. That is, running wheels are installed at the bottom of the shelves. The biggest advantage is that the space utilization is improved. Only one channel is needed for a set of shelves.

Its outstanding advantage is to improve the utilization rate of space. A set of shelves only needs one aisle, while one aisle of a fixed pallet rack only serves the two rows of shelves on both sides of the aisle. Therefore, in the same space, the storage capacity of Mobile shelving is much higher than that of general fixed racks.

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Mobile shelving Introduction

Mobile shelving need only one channel, with high space utilization, safe and reliable, and easy to move. According to the load-bearing capacity, they can be divided into three types: heavy, medium and light.

This is our customized type for store milk and dairy products, the special design is convenient for ventilation.

Advantages of mobile shelving

Space Efficiency

Mobile shelving systems can significantly increase storage capacity compared to static shelving. By eliminating fixed aisles, they utilize available space more efficiently, providing more storage in the same footprint.

Customizable Configuration

Mobile shelving can be customized to fit the specific storage requirements of the facility. The shelving layout, dimensions, and shelf heights can be adjusted to accommodate various types of items or products.

Easy Accessibility

Users can move the shelves apart to create an aisle, providing easy access to the desired items. This eliminates the need for multiple aisles and reduces the distance required to access stored materials.

Smooth Movement

High-quality mobile shelving systems are designed to move smoothly and quietly along the tracks, allowing users to operate them effortlessly.


Some mobile shelving systems can be equipped with locking mechanisms to secure specific aisles or the entire system, ensuring the safety and protection of valuable or sensitive items.

Safety Features

Mobile shelving systems often include safety features, such as anti-tip mechanisms and safety locks, to prevent accidents or injuries.

Flexibility and Expansion

The modular design of mobile shelving allows for easy reconfiguration and expansion as storage needs change over time.

Organizational Efficiency

The compact nature of mobile shelving helps maintain a neat and organized storage space, enhancing inventory management and retrieval processes.


Some mobile shelving systems are designed with ergonomic handles and mechanisms, making it easy for users to move the shelves with minimal effort.


Mobile shelving contributes to a more sustainable storage solution by reducing the need for additional floor space and energy consumption.

Benefits of Mobile Shelving

Space Savings

The most significant advantage of mobile shelving is the space savings it provides. By eliminating static aisles, organizations can use their available space more efficiently, increasing storage capacity.

Improved Organization

Mobile shelving allows for better organization and categorization of items. It facilitates easy access to stored materials and reduces the time spent searching for specific items.


While the initial investment in mobile shelving may be higher than traditional shelving, the long-term cost savings through increased storage capacity and space efficiency can make it a cost-effective solution.

Enhanced Security

With locking mechanisms and controlled access, mobile shelving enhances the security of stored items, making it suitable for environments where security is a priority.

Adaptability to Changing Needs

Mobile shelving systems can be easily reconfigured or expanded to accommodate changing storage needs, providing a flexible solution for evolving organizations.

Environmental Sustainability

By reducing the footprint of storage areas, mobile shelving contributes to environmental sustainability by optimizing the use of available space and potentially reducing the need for additional construction.

Mobile Shelving application

Healthcare Facilities

Mobile shelving is extensively used in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities to store medical supplies, patient records, pharmaceuticals, and equipment. The ability to maximize limited space and adapt to changing needs is particularly valuable in healthcare settings.

Libraries and Archives

Libraries and archival institutions use mobile shelving to efficiently store and organize books, documents, manuscripts, and historical records. The compact design helps libraries make the most of their available space while providing easy access to a vast collection.

Corporate Offices

In office environments, mobile shelving can be employed for storing office supplies, files, and documentation. The ability to reconfigure shelving units allows companies to adapt to changing office layouts or storage needs.

Retail Spaces

Retail stores use mobile shelving for inventory storage, especially in the backrooms or storage areas. The flexibility of mobile shelving allows retailers to optimize storage space and easily rearrange shelves based on seasonal merchandise or changing product assortments.

Museums and Galleries

Museums and art galleries utilize mobile shelving systems to store and organize artifacts, artworks, and collections. The ability to compactly store items while maintaining accessibility is crucial for preserving and showcasing exhibits.

Educational Institutions

Schools, colleges, and universities can benefit from mobile shelving in libraries, classrooms, and administrative offices. These systems help organize educational materials, textbooks, and administrative documents efficiently.

Industrial Warehouses

Mobile shelving is applicable in warehouses and industrial facilities for the storage of inventory, spare parts, and tools. The mobility feature allows for better space utilization and easy access to items stored in densely packed shelves.

Government and Public Sector

Government offices and public institutions often use mobile shelving to store records, paperwork, and administrative materials. The ability to secure sensitive documents while optimizing storage space is advantageous.

Legal and Law Firms

Legal practices and law firms can use mobile shelving for organizing legal documents, case files, and reference materials in a space-efficient manner. This is particularly important for maintaining confidentiality and accessibility to critical information.

Research and Laboratories

Laboratories and research facilities benefit from mobile shelving for storing scientific equipment, research materials, and laboratory supplies. The adaptability of mobile shelving allows for efficient use of limited lab space.

Food Service and Hospitality

In restaurants, hotels, and catering businesses, mobile shelving can be used for storing kitchen supplies, utensils, and perishable goods. The ability to move shelves allows for easy cleaning and rearrangement of storage spaces.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical companies can utilize mobile shelving for storing pharmaceutical products, raw materials, and lab supplies in a controlled and organized manner. This is crucial for maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

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