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  • 4-post Shelving
  • 4-post Shelving
  • 4-post Shelving
  • 4-post Shelving
  • 4-post Shelving
  • 4-post Shelving
  • 4-post Shelving

4-post Shelving

4-post shelving systems are a kind of racks that are widely used, with a load of more than 500Kg per layer. It has a very good picking efficiency, can store heavier items. 4-post shelving systems, also known as pallet shelf, which has the characteristics of large load-bearing, wide range of adaptation, mechanical access and high selection efficiency. It is widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics, distribution centers and other fields. It is not only suitable for multi variety and small batch goods, but also suitable for small variety and large batch goods. Such shelves are most used in high-level warehouses and ultra-high-level warehouses.

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4-post shelving, also known as four-post shelving or open-shelf filing, is a type of shelving system commonly used for storing and organizing a variety of items, including documents, books, office supplies, and archival materials. It is a versatile and customizable storage solution with a simple and sturdy design.

4-post shelving advantages

The use of 4-post shelving can help the warehouse to increase its capacity, keep it tidy and easy to manage. 4-post shelving can not only make full use of the warehouse space, save the cost and reduce waste of land, but also reduce the cost of manpower management.The height of each layer can be adjusted according to the requirements of the size of the goods; the cost is low, and it can be quickly installed and disassembled; it can focus on the use of the upper space of the warehouse. It is a management tool for modern warehouse warehousing.

4-post shelving features

The 4-post shelving is mainly composed of column, beam, and shelves. The main feature is no bolt connection, simple assembly and disassembly (only rubber hammer is required for assemble), beautiful in appearance, and suitable for manual storage and retrieval of goods. The bearing capacity is generally 400kgs/layer, which can meet various usage requirements. The column is punched with double butterfly holes, and the hole pitch is 75mm, so the beam can be freely adjusted up and down in 75mm.

In order to facilitate the worker to fetch the goods, the total height of the shelf is usually no more than 2m. If the climbing equipment is used, the shelf height can reach 3m at most. It can be used alone or freely spliced into various arrangements which is convenient for workers to fetch the goods. The total height of the shelf usually does not exceed 2 meters if using the climbing equipment, and the height can reach up to 3 meters. It can be used alone or in various arrangements at will.

Sturdy Construction: Four-post shelving is built with a robust frame consisting of four vertical posts, giving it excellent structural stability and weight-bearing capacity. The sturdy construction allows it to support heavy loads and withstand regular use in busy environments.

Adjustable Shelving: One of the primary features of four-post shelving is its adjustability. The shelves are typically adjustable in height, allowing users to modify the shelf spacing to accommodate items of different sizes or to optimize space utilization.

Customizable Configurations: Four-post shelving systems offer flexibility in configuration. They can be configured with various shelf depths, widths, and heights to suit specific storage needs and available space.

Easy Assembly: Four-post shelving is relatively easy to assemble and set up, making it a convenient storage solution that can be quickly installed without the need for complicated tools or specialized expertise.

Versatility: Four-post shelving is versatile and adaptable to various storage applications. It is commonly used for storing books, files, documents, boxes, and other items in offices, libraries, and archives. It is also suitable for inventory storage in warehouses and industrial settings.

Open Design: The open design of four-post shelving allows for easy visibility and access to stored items from both sides. This feature simplifies inventory management and retrieval processes.

Freestanding or Wall-Mounted: Four-post shelving systems can be freestanding, allowing them to stand on their own, or wall-mounted for added stability and space efficiency, especially in confined spaces.

Optional Accessories: Many four-post shelving systems offer optional accessories such as dividers, bins, drawers, and label holders, allowing users to further customize the shelving to suit their specific organizational needs.

Durable Finishes: Four-post shelving is typically finished with durable materials such as powder-coated steel, providing resistance to wear, corrosion, and other environmental factors.

Expandability: Four-post shelving is designed for easy expansion. Additional shelving units can be added as storage needs grow, making it a scalable solution for changing storage requirements.

Basic knowledge of 4-post shelving

1. The span can be changed larger or smaller according to customer requirements, and the span is generally within the range of 2.5 meters to 3.5 meters.

2. The surface is electrostatically sprayed, with stronger waterproof and rust-proof and corrosion-resistant capabilities, high safety factor, plug-in combination, no screws and welding, very convenient assembly, make full use of space and provide storage capacity.

3. The height of each layer can be adjusted freely in integer multiples of 75mm.

The 4-post shelving uses good materials and has a long shelf life. The important thing is to enable your warehouse to achieve visible warehouse benefits. It also avoids warehouse waste and responds to the slogans of energy conservation and environmental protection advocated by the society. Professional warehouse shelves need to actually bring the benefits of the warehouse to customers, and use the customers to use them at ease and peace of mind!

Applications of 4-Post Shelving

Office Storage

4-post shelving is commonly used in offices for the storage of files, documents, office supplies, and reference materials. Its open design facilitates easy access to frequently used items.

Library Shelving

Libraries often utilize 4-post shelving for storing books, periodicals, and other library materials. The adjustable shelves make it adaptable to various book sizes.

Archival Storage:

Archives and record storage facilities use 4-post shelving to organize and store boxes of documents, files, and historical records. The open design allows for efficient retrieval.

Educational Institutions:

In schools and universities, 4-post shelving can be found in classrooms, libraries, and storage areas for organizing textbooks, supplies, and teaching materials.

Retail Spaces:

Retail environments may use 4-post shelving for displaying and organizing merchandise, particularly items that benefit from an open and easily accessible layout.

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