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What are the differences between manual shelves and smart shelves?

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With the advancement of science and technology and people's higher and higher requirements for convenience, I believe that everyone has been exposed to such things as intelligent compact shelves. The compact shelves can be divided into intelligent compact racks and manual compact racks. The same feature of both is to save space, Intensive. You can also think that they are the same office equipment product, but in terms of details, there are still quite a few differences between manual shelves and smart shelves. What are the specific differences? Let's take a look together~

The difference between manual shelves and smart shelves

compact shelves

1. Different advantages

Smart Shelves: Smart Shelves are based on Shelves, with intelligent control as the core, and intelligent reticulated Shelves controlled by manual, electric, and computer controls. They can perform remote operations and perform automatic control in a wide range. The three different transmission modes are independent of each other without any interference. It has automatic positioning, voice control, face unlock, remote control and other functions.

Manual shelving: For manual shelving, as long as you leave a passageway, you can enter it to view relevant files. Its capacity is 2-3 times that of a fixed cabinet, which can greatly increase the space, which means that more documents can be stored; the heavier the file, the more stable it will be, and the more secure it will be.

2. Different operating modes

Manual Shelf: When the manual shelf is taking documents, the staff must push the rocker by hand, and manually push the rotating mechanism of the shelf, so as to promote the movement, opening and closing of the shelf.

Smart Shelf: When turning on the Smart Shelf, you only need to press the display screen on one side of the shelf, and the opening and closing of the Smart Shelf relies on the wisdom of the computer. By checking whether the shelf has a rocker on the outside and whether it has a display, you can distinguish the two.

compact shelves

3. Different functions

Manual compact rack: Both manual compact rack and intelligent compact rack can store a large amount of files. The seals of manual compact rack have the functions of moisture-proof, rat-proof and dust-proof, which can ensure the safe storage of documents;

Smart Shelf: On the basis of the basic device of the Smart Shelf, it also has functions such as file electronic backup, batch import, and unified management, so the Smart Shelf is better in terms of efficiency.

4. Different structure

Manual compact rack: Manual compact rack is mainly composed of ground rail, side plate, top plate, floor, catalog card, rotating device, and anti-fall device. High-quality manual compact rack is not prone to tail flick and noise;

Smart Shelf: In addition to the basic side panels, ground rails and other devices, the Smart Shelf also has management systems such as environmental control, safety, fire protection, and sealing. It can be seen that the structure of the intelligent compact shelf is more complicated than that of the manual compact shelf.

The above article summarizes the difference between manual compact racks and intelligent compact racks in detail from four aspects. I believe that everyone has their own answer to this question. After that, in the selection process, you can make details according to your own use environment and purpose. Sexual comparison selection, if you have other questions about the compact shelves, please leave a message to us~

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