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Static Shelving

Static shelving are mainly composed of columns, beams, laminates, diagonal braces and other components. The load capacity of each layer is not more than 200kg, the total load is generally not more than 2000kg, the span is usually not more than 2m, and the depth is not more than 1m (mostly within 0, 6m) The height is generally within 3m. The common angle steel column shelf structure is light and beautiful in appearance. It is mainly suitable for storing light and small items. The capital investment is small, and it is widely used in electronics, light industry, culture and education and other industries.

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Static shelving refers to traditional shelving units that are stationary and fixed in place. Unlike mobile shelving systems, which are mounted on wheels or casters for easy movement, static shelving remains in a fixed position within a space. These shelving units are commonly used for storage in various settings, such as offices, libraries, retail spaces, warehouses, and homes.

Types of static shelving

Heavy-duty pallet racking: It is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and formed by rolling. The column can be up to 3 meters without connecting seam. The beam is made of high-quality square steel, which has a large bearing capacity and is not easy to deform. The widget between the beam and the column is inserted and connected by a cylindrical convex. It is reliable, easy to disassemble and assemble, and lock nails are used to prevent the forklift from lifting the beam during work to increase the safety factor; the surfaces of all shelves are treated by pickling, phosphate electrostatic spraying and other processes, anti-corrosion and rust prevention, have beautiful appearance. Suitable for large warehouses.

Medium-sized static shelving: The medium-sized static shelves are unique in shape, reasonable in structure, easy to assemble and disassemble, do not require screws, and are sturdy and strong, with large carrying capacity. They are widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, corporate warehouses and institutions.

The scope of application of light shelves: Light-duty shelves are widely used in households, shopping malls, factories, supermarkets, corporate warehouses and institutions, auto parts warehouses, pharmaceuticals, electronics and apparel companies, providing great convenience. Universal angle steel has the characteristics of low price, convenient assembly and disassembly, rapid and beautiful construction, free size adjustment, firmness and durability, arbitrary combination and so on. At present,it is an ideal choice for logistics management.

Static shelving structure composition

1. Column

Size:40*40mm;thickness:1.4mm before painting.The column is mainly made of high grade cold-rolled steel;the main frame is composed of four columns,while the sub-fram has only two columns.The main frame can be used aloe,but the sub-fram can’t.

2. Shelve

Size:customized;thickness:0.5mm before painting. 3,4,5,6 layers is available, and the layer height could be adjustable by free.A plurality of reinforcing ribs are welded at the bottom of the shelf, greatly strengthen the bearing capacity of the shelf.

3. Beam

Size:50*20mm;thickness:1.4mm before painting. Boltless design,very easy to installation. Strudy and durable.The treatment of shelf plate protect the shelf from rusting and long time usage.

Static shelving features

Fixed Position: Static shelving is installed in a permanent, non-mobile location. Once assembled and secured in place, these shelving units do not have the ability to be easily moved or repositioned.

Sturdiness: Static shelving is designed to be stable and sturdy, providing reliable support for the items stored on the shelves. This is particularly important for heavy or bulky items.

Variety of Designs: Static shelving comes in a wide range of designs and styles to suit different storage needs. Common types include open shelving, closed shelving with doors, adjustable shelving, and fixed shelving.

Assembly and Installation: Assembly and installation of static shelving typically involve securing the units to the floor or wall to ensure stability. The installation process may require tools and, in some cases, professional assistance.

Fixed Configuration: Once assembled, the configuration of static shelving is generally fixed. While some static shelving units may have adjustable shelves to accommodate varying heights of items, the overall structure and arrangement remain constant.

Common Uses:

  • Office Spaces: Static shelving is commonly used for storing books, files, office supplies, and other items in office settings.
  • Libraries: Traditional library bookshelves are often static, providing a stable and durable storage solution for books and other library materials.
  • Retail Stores: Retail spaces often use static shelving for displaying merchandise and organizing inventory.
  • Warehouses: In warehouses, static shelving units are used for storing and organizing products, tools, and equipment.

Cost-Effective: Static shelving is generally a cost-effective storage solution compared to more specialized or mobile storage systems. It's a straightforward and reliable option for various storage needs.

Static shelving maintenance

First of all, the maintenance of static shelving is relatively simple. Generally, static shelving is filled with items, and basically few people go to clean them deliberately. The way to clean the shelf is to wipe with a dry towel slightly moistened with water; if you wipe it directly with a wet towel, it may increase the oxidation of the shelf surface, which will greatly shorten the service life of the static shelf. 

Secondly, the items on the shelves need to be arranged neatly to ensure that the items are not messy and not easy to fall off the shelves. This can also increase the security of static shelves and items to increase the utilization rate of static shelves. When purchasing static shelving, you must check the max bearing capacity of each layer of static shelving, try not to overload, so as to avoid damage to items or accidents.

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