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  • Mobile Archive Shelving
  • Mobile Archive Shelving
  • Mobile Archive Shelving
  • Mobile Archive Shelving
  • Mobile Archive Shelving
  • Mobile Archive Shelving
  • Mobile Archive Shelving
  • Mobile Archive Shelving

Mobile Archive Shelving

Mobile archive shelving, also known as mobile shelving systems or high-density mobile storage, is a type of shelving solution designed to maximize storage capacity while optimizing space utilization in archive rooms, libraries, offices, and other storage facilities. Unlike traditional static shelving, mobile archive shelving is mounted on tracks or rails and can be moved laterally along the floor, allowing access to specific aisles when needed.

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Mobile archive shelving consists of the base,column,shelf,hanging panel,top panel,guard plate,door plate,transmission mechanism,track,dust proof and etc.

When want to move it,just operate the handles,then the shelving could move right and left.Each line also with the braking device,the side line could be locked,then the whole set could become to a modular.

The height, width and depth of mobile archive shelving could be customize.

Track:Use non-welded cylindrical pin device connection;

Frame body: Including base,column, beam,hanging plate, layer panel etc.

Rolling wheel:high quality 45# steel forging,CNC lathe precision maching,high concentricity.

Transmission device: including chain, gear, handle, bearing, roller, lock.

Features of Mobile Archive Shelving

Space Efficiency

Mobile shelving systems can significantly increase storage capacity compared to static shelving, as they eliminate the need for fixed aisles between shelves. By compacting the shelves together, they utilize available space more efficiently.

Customizable Configuration

Mobile archive shelving can be tailored to fit the specific storage requirements of the facility. The system's layout, shelf heights, and overall dimensions can be customized to accommodate various types of archived items or file sizes.


Mobile archive shelving systems provide easy access to stored items. Users can move the shelves apart to create an aisle, allowing them to access the desired items directly. This reduces the need for walking between aisles and speeds up retrieval times.


Some mobile archive shelving systems can be equipped with locking mechanisms to secure specific aisles or the entire system, ensuring the confidentiality and protection of sensitive or valuable items.

Smooth and Silent Movement

High-quality mobile shelving systems are designed to move smoothly and quietly along the tracks, allowing users to operate them with minimal effort and noise.

Safety Features

Mobile archive shelving systems typically include safety features, such as anti-tip mechanisms and sensors to prevent collisions or accidents while shelves are in motion.

Flexibility and Expansion

The modular design of mobile shelving allows for easy reconfiguration and expansion to adapt to changing storage needs over time.

Organizational Efficiency

The compact nature of mobile archive shelving helps maintain a neat and organized storage space, enhancing inventory management and retrieval processes.


Some mobile shelving systems are designed with ergonomic handles and mechanisms, making it easy for users to move the shelves effortlessly.


Utilizing a high-density mobile shelving system can contribute to a more sustainable storage solution by reducing the need for additional floor space and energy consumption.

How the Mobile Archive Shelving Works

Shelf Movement

Shelves are mounted on carriages that run on tracks. These carriages can be manually moved or operated with a mechanical-assist or powered system. Users can create an aisle at the desired location by moving the shelves apart.

Access Aisle Creation

To access a specific shelf, users move the surrounding shelves apart, creating an aisle. The aisle can be positioned wherever needed, providing direct access to the desired storage location.

Organization and Retrieval

Mobile archive shelving allows for organized storage of archival materials. Items can be arranged on the shelves according to a logical order or a cataloging system, facilitating easy retrieval when needed.

Compaction for Space Savings

When not in use, the shelves can be compacted together, maximizing space utilization. This is especially useful in archives with a large volume of materials and limited storage space.

Applications of Mobile Archive Shelving

Archives and Record Storage

Mobile archive shelving is widely used in archives and record storage facilities to efficiently store and organize documents, records, and historical materials.

Libraries and Educational Institutions

Libraries and educational institutions use mobile shelving to maximize space for book storage, archival collections, and special collections.

Corporate Offices

In corporate settings, mobile archive shelving is used for efficient storage of business records, documents, and other archival materials.


Museums utilize mobile shelving for the storage of archival materials, manuscripts, and historical documents, optimizing space in archival storage areas.

Government Facilities

Government archives and facilities that handle a large volume of documents and records benefit from the high-density storage capabilities of mobile archive shelving.

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