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Detailed Explanation of Grow Rack Ventilation Solutions

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The grow rack technology provides convenience for plant lovers, but the temperature and humidity control of the grow rack is particularly important for plants. Too high or too low temperature and humidity will affect the planting quality and even cause diseases and insect pests. If some effective measures can be taken to make the ventilation and cooling effect of the grow rack better, and at the same time reduce its operating cost, the ventilation system will become a link that consumes a lot of energy for the grow rack.

How to control the temperature of the grow rack?

It is mainly adjusted by means of ventilation and heating, that is, a ventilation system, to ensure the necessary ambient temperature required for the growth of plants. The cooling of the grow rack is mainly through the exchange of air inside and outside the frame, and ventilation to adjust the internal temperature.

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Fan forced cooling system is the best cost-effective

When choosing an evaporative cooling method (wet pad-fan cooling system, spray humidification and cooling system), it is necessary to make a technical and economic comparison of the "one-time investment and operating costs" of each plan, and minimize the total cost as the goal of the optimization plan. At present, the fan forced cooling system has become the most widely used ventilation and cooling system. This system is combined with a special axial flow fan for the greenhouse and a wet curtain, and the ventilation is fast and the temperature is cooled very quickly. After many experiments, it has been shown that the fan forced cooling system has become a cost-effective ventilation and cooling solution with good cooling effect and low cost.

Simple and practical sunshade cooling

When selecting shading methods (inner shading, outer shading), it should be determined according to the seasonal environment of plant growth. If the production cycle of the greenhouse is long, it is often more energy-efficient to use inner shading. For the same sunshade net, although the cooling effect of the inner sunshade is worse than that of the outer sunshade, when the indoor sunshade is used in conjunction with the wet curtain fan system, the volume of the indoor air exchange will be reduced, thereby reducing the running time of the fan and saving running fee. If summer shading is combined with autumn and winter heat preservation, the indoor shading and heat preservation system will also reduce the investment in greenhouse construction.

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Take natural ventilation to cool down

For example, from the design point of view, try to adopt natural ventilation and artificial window opening system, which not only saves equipment investment, but also saves the power cost and maintenance cost of its mechanical operation. Under the condition that natural ventilation cannot be adopted, daily operating costs can also be saved by selecting new energy-efficient equipment.

Of course, the system can also be designed as a manual and mechanical dual-purpose system. In most cases, artificial natural ventilation is used, and in special cases, mechanical ventilation is used, so that the running time of cooling equipment can be reduced.

The above is the introduction of the entire content of the ventilation solution for the grow rack. When choosing the actual solution, the choice should be made according to the growth cycle of the plant and the environment in which it is located.

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