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What are the different load-bearing standards of different shelves?

time:July 17, 2023, 1:34 a.m. source:

The key to the carrying capacity of warehouse racks depends on the type of rack. Different types of shelves have different scope of application and different natural load standards. We have made a detailed summary of the load-bearing standards of different shelves, let's take a look at it~

The load-bearing standard of different shelves

1. Light shelf

Each layer can carry 100kg-200kg, and the height can be adjusted at will, which is suitable for the storage of light bulk parts. L1500*W500*H2000 (four layers) general specifications.

2. Medium shelf

Each layer can carry 150-250kg, the height can be adjusted at will, and it is easy to install and unload.


3. Heavy duty shelves

Each layer can carry 800kg-4000kg, which is suitable for the storage of various goods. Pallet stacking height and forklift operation make full use of space and are more commonly used shelves. For heavy-duty shelf design, the shelf length is generally less than 3.5 meters, because the longer the shelf, the worse the bearing quality, less than 3.5 meters, which is a more appropriate spacing. Generally speaking, how high is your warehouse, how high can heavy-duty shelves be designed, forklifts are convenient and fast to use, and the storage effect is good.

4. Cantilever shelf

Cantilever racks are suitable for storing long materials, round materials, sheets, pipes and irregular goods. Cantilevers can be single-sided or double-sided. The cantilever frame has the characteristics of stable structure, good bearing capacity and high space utilization rate.


5. Mold shelf

It mainly stores various mold items, which can be divided into light mold racks and heavy mold racks according to the requirements of loading capacity. The top of the shelf can be equipped with a mobile lift to facilitate the lifting of the mold. Size 3100*600*2000, floor load 80Okg, drawer size 900*600, floor height 540.500 days, truck load 500kg.

6. Entering three-dimensional shelves

Also known as pass-through shelving or aisle shelving, an entire shelving segmented by an aisle. Palletized cargo storage, no dedicated forklift access. Forklifts need to enter the rack to pick up the goods. As for the carrying capacity of the first floor, it is designed according to the weight of the palletized goods.

7. Shuttle three-dimensional shelf

Similar to the advantages of straight-through three-dimensional shelves, shuttle shelves also have the characteristics of high storage density, convenient storage and high management efficiency. The shuttle car controlled by the system shuttles between the shelves, which can meet the needs of automatic and rapid storage.

To sum up, the load-bearing standards of different shelves are summarized in detail. I hope it can help everyone. If you have any other questions about the shelves, please leave a message to us~

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