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What are the laying methods of compact rack?

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Many people worry that their floor will be damaged when purchasing file racks. When laying, they should lay the floor first or not. If the floor is laid, which way should you choose to lay the track? In fact, this depends on the selected file rack manufacturer. Whether a good file rack manufacturer chooses to tile or slot, it will not affect the floor. In response to these problems, the compact rack manufacturer will give you a detailed explanation of the laying methods of the compact track, and whether the ground will be damaged when laying the track.

Laying method of compact rack

compact rack

The laying methods of common file rack tracks are basically divided into two types: above-ground rails and underground rails:

1. Ground track

The above-ground track is not only easy to install, but also less destructive to the ground. The operation method is to lay the track directly on the ground and fix it with the ground with bolts.

2. Underground track

The underground track needs to be cut through the ground for re-grooving, or it needs to be pre-embedded. The installation operation is to lay the track of the dense frame below the ground. The laying method needs to be selected according to the specific conditions of the archives.

Precautions for the laying of compact rack

compact rack

1. The track of the compact frame needs to be fixed on the ground with expansion screws. After the track is installed, make sure that the track is not loose.

2. The compact frame track must be installed on the level ground, the horizontal error cannot exceed 1mm, and the parallelism error between any two tracks should not exceed 1mm.

3. Blocks must be set at both ends of the track to prevent the rack from sliding to the end of one end and derailment. After the derailment occurs, it is difficult to install due to the heavy weight of the rack.

4. The track should be fully grounded to prevent static electricity from hurting people and objects.

5. After the track installation is completed, try out the dense rack track for many times to ensure that the slideway is flexible and smooth, to ensure that the track is smooth, and to prevent hard objects inside the track.

The above content is the whole introduction about the laying method of the compact frame track. I believe that everyone has a relevant understanding of the laying of the compact frame track. Therefore, everyone must follow the above methods when carrying out related operations, so as to protect the ground from damage to a greater extent.

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