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How should mobile shelves be cleaned?

time:July 14, 2023, 7:38 a.m. source:

Now many companies have accumulated a lot of important information after years of accumulation. We usually buy some mobile shelves to store this information. However, if such mobile shelves are used for a long time, they must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Then how to clean the mobile shelves woolen cloth?

How to clean mobile shelves

1. Data transfer

Before cleaning the mobile shelves, in order to ensure that the materials are not messed up, we need to use labels to number each mobile shelf, and then the materials are also stacked by numbering, and then cleaned up.

2. Cleaning of the partition

Many people think that this partition is difficult to clean. After all, there are so many dead ends, but they overlooked one thing, that is, the partition can be disassembled, so during the cleaning process, the partition can be disassembled and reassembled. stand up.

3. Bottom cleaning

In addition to cleaning the exterior of the mobile shelf, it is also necessary to consider the bottom of the mobile shelf. It is necessary to regularly clean up some dust and paper scraps on the guide rail, which can not only ensure the running speed of the mobile shelf, but also protect the guide rail.

mobile shelves

Maintenance skills of mobile shelves

1. Prevent rust

Although the surface of the mobile shelf is coated with powder to increase the ability to prevent rust, it does not mean that rust can be prevented. If the storage place is not suitable, rust will also occur, so the mobile shelf should be placed in Ventilated, moisture-proof, sunscreen place to avoid sun and rain, so as not to rust.

2. Place heavy objects

At present, the materials of mobile racks are high-quality cold-rolled steel, which greatly improves the bearing capacity. However, the main function of the file cabinet is to store documents, and the bearing capacity is also limited. During use, if you put too heavy objects, it is likely to cause deformation and distortion of the file moving shelf, so avoid the accumulation of heavy objects during operation to avoid deformation and deformation of the file cabinet.

mobile shelves

3. Prevent corrosion

The anti-corrosion ability of mobile shelves is stronger than that of wooden ones, but this does not mean that it will not be corroded. Things such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid are likely to have chemical reactions with mobile shelves, resulting in shorter life of mobile shelves. .

4. Prevent dust

While dust won't do much damage to mobile shelves, it can spoil the aesthetics of filing cabinets. Just think, what a pain it is, the cabinets that used to be very stylish are now covered with dust. Therefore, it is usually necessary to wipe the mobile shelf with a cloth to maintain the beauty of the mobile shelf. At the same time, the dust inside the track should be cleaned regularly to prevent it from being stuck and moving.

The above article is about how to clean the mobile shelves. I hope it will be helpful to you. In the final analysis, the maintenance of mobile shelves is to pay attention to details. It does not need to be maintained deliberately. prolong its service life.

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