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How to extend the shelf life?

time:July 14, 2023, 7:33 a.m. source:

Shelves are indispensable storage equipment in all walks of life. As a shelf user, how should you maintain the shelves and what are the ways to extend the shelf life? In response to these, the shelf manufacturer gave us a detailed explanation, let's take a look!

Ways to extend shelf life


1. Cleaning of storage shelves

Frequent cleaning of the shelves will prolong the service life of the shelves. Use a slightly damp rag to wipe gently, as long as there is no dust on the surface. Washing the shelves with water will easily oxidize the surface of the shelves and greatly shorten the service life of the shelves.

2. Rated load of the rack

For shelves with different load capacities, pay attention to the rated layer load of the shelves, try to place the goods evenly, and do not stack heavy goods to prevent the laminates from deforming and affecting the service life.


3. Keep the warehouse from getting too wet

Regularly apply protective paint to reduce rust, do daily inspections, fix in time if there are loose screws, and do timely ventilation to ensure that the warehouse is not excessively damp.

4. Avoid excessive sun exposure

Avoid excessive sunlight exposure, prevent paint surface oxidation, use curtains or blinds to block, prevent wet goods from being placed on the shelves, and try to drain and dehumidify.

5. Specify the shelf use system

Different warehouses, different goods, and the shelves of each warehouse have different usage methods. The warehouse management must formulate a shelf use system, so that every shelf user can learn and abide by it, which is the ultimate way to achieve the goal.

6. Cargo weight

The weight of the goods placed on the shelf must be within the load-bearing capacity of the shelf. Warehouse administrators mark the load-bearing limit on the shelves. It is necessary to follow the principle of light weight at the bottom of the shelf, that is, put heavy objects on the bottom and light objects on the top.

7. Shipping Conditions

Transportation conditions, to avoid strong vibration and impact on the shelf during transportation.

The above is the detailed content of the method to prolong the shelf life. I hope it can help everyone. If you have any other questions about the shelf, please feel free to consult us!

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