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What are the misunderstandings in the purchase of compact racks?

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Compared with other single products, the compact rack is a systematic project and also includes many service elements. Most customers buy for several years, maybe once every ten years, and it is not by people when they buy. There are inevitably many misunderstandings when buying dense racks. Let's take a look~

Misunderstandings in choosing a compact rack

 compact rack

1. Too much emphasis on low prices and not on the quality of dense racks

Regardless of whether you choose a smart or manual compactor, at the same price point, you need to know which file compactor to choose. Price is often closely related to cost. Low-cost dense racks are not very good in appearance and design due to their low cost and poor quality. Experienced buyers understand that if you buy low-priced items, there are often many unpredictable security risks that cause many problems.

2. Choose the type of file rack at will

When building archives, you must consume rationally, and what suits you is the best. Because you don’t know the types of file racks, and you don’t know which product rack is suitable for you, it is recommended to choose carefully.

If you want your file management to be simpler, more technological and intelligent, and if you have enough money, you can buy a smart shelf. In the manufacturing process, the intelligent shelf is more integrated into the intelligent file management system, with intelligent voice control, security protection, sound and light positioning, and rapid retrieval of file information.

If you pay more attention to cost performance and have certain budget constraints, then manual dense racks are the right choice. The use of manual compact racks is not as convenient as that of intelligent compact racks, but it is stable in operation, strong in bearing capacity and large in storage space.

 compact rack

3. Choose colorful file racks to decorate the file room

In the decoration of modern archives, whether customers choose smart file racks or hand-crank file racks, most of them have their own opinions on color customization. Not to mention the pursuit of colorful, high-brightness and high-polished surfaces are what many customers require. Color pollution and light pollution follow.

Working in a high-brightness working environment for a long time can easily lead to uncoordinated nerve function, body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, etc., as well as symptoms such as dizziness, irritability, inability to concentrate, and weakness.

The brightness of the high-polished file rack can make up for the lack of indoor lighting to a certain extent, but it is also very easy to exceed the physiological adaptation range that the human body can bear, causing light pollution and stimulating the retina of the human eye. In the long run, the health and work efficiency of the archivists can be imagined. Therefore, when choosing the color of the file intensive rack, it is necessary to abandon the high-brightness powder and choose the matte sprayed rack. Be wary of color pollution and light pollution.

4. Buy products with fast delivery

Buying spot goods, but many customers do not have enough experience and do not take into account the production process of Chinese products. Waiting until the end of the decoration to buy them has already missed the right time, so they can only buy fast delivery or spot goods first. . This kind of commodity is often a low-grade commodity, and lacks personalization and customization. You must know that the dense rack is designed and manufactured for different room types and special requirements for storing files, and the spot is often unable to meet the needs of higher-level customers.

In fact, it is not difficult to choose a compact rack. All you have to do is to find out your real needs, then the quality and practicability, and then discuss the price with the manufacturer. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the better the quality. The price is low because the profit is also low, so the after-sales service is not guaranteed

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