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What are the three-dimensional cultivation modes?

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Three-dimensional cultivation is a three-dimensional model of soilless cultivation. This kind of cultivation is based on vertical gradient layered cultivation through vertical grow racks or in the form of erection and hanging without affecting flat cultivation, so as to improve land utilization. . All kinds of three-dimensional vertical grow racks are reasonably configured to maximize space utilization and ensure production while being more ornamental.

Spiral bionic column cultivation

The vertical grow racks are stacked in series in four directions in a spiral shape, forming a cultivation column, and the column is fixed, which is convenient for installation of the return pipeline. The spiral arrangement is conducive to the uniform lighting of each plant on the column. The matching two kinds of planting covers are conducive to the cultivation selection of a variety of flowers and leafy vegetables; it is conducive to the upright growth of each plant, and improves the commodity and product uniformity of leafy vegetables.

Bed square tube pipe hydroponics

Bed hydroponics consists of a cultivation system, a support and fixation system, a nutrient solution circulation system and a control system. The outer layer of the pipe wall is white and the inner layer is black. The unique double-layer structure prevents sunlight radiation and lowers the pipe temperature while creating an ecologically dark environment for better growth of plants. The dark environment eliminates the conditions for algae production to fundamentally solve the problem of algae associated with hydroponic vegetable production. Diversion grooves are designed on the upper and lower layers of the inner wall to allow the nutrient solution to flow fully and ensure the complete circulation of the nutrient solution.

vertical grow racks

Three-dimensional square tube pipe hydroponics

The three-dimensional pipe vertical grow racks is a deformed hydroponics method of bed pipe hydroponics. The horizontal pipes are passed through the brackets to make a space superimposed shape, which makes full use of the space and can form a good viewing effect.

Type A round pipe hydroponics

The A-type hydroponic pipeline is another deformed hydroponics method of the bed pipeline hydroponics. The horizontal pipeline is made into an A-shaped space superimposed through the bracket, which not only makes full use of the space, but also forms a good viewing effect.

Pillar cultivation

The vertical grow racks system and the connection box are in the shape of a 1/4 arc, and the diameter of the inner cavity is 22cm. It is suitable for the wrapping platform of most existing greenhouse columns and forms a three-dimensional planting column. The two are nested and occluded with each other, and can be formed independently when used in a pillar-holding style. The connection box can realize the function of adjusting the distance between the upper and lower planting layers and realizing the changeable shape of the column planting.

vertical grow racks

Chain foam box hydroponics

Reasonable use of space and increase per unit yield. High degree of automation, simple operation and easy management. It is easy to install and can be flexibly assembled as required. Wide applicability, especially suitable for landscape cultivation.

Double layer DFT hydroponics

In order to make full use of the greenhouse space, the single-layer cultivation is three-dimensional, and it is developed into a three-dimensional multi-layer deep liquid flow hydroponics, and the nutrient solution flows periodically to supplement the needs of plant growth. This method is suitable for large-scale industrial leaf vegetable cultivation projects, and has good promotion.

Aerosol cultivation

Aerosol cultivation is a new type of cultivation method. It is a soilless cultivation technique that uses a spray device to atomize the nutrient solution into small droplets and spray it directly to the root system of the plant to provide the water and nutrients required for plant growth. It is a feasible form to solve the water-air contradiction of the root system in all soilless cultivation techniques, and it is also easy to automatically control and perform three-dimensional cultivation, improving the utilization rate of the greenhouse space.

vertical grow racks

Aerial cultivation

Aerial cultivation is to plant crops in liftable cultivation tanks, and freely adjust the required height according to demand, without occupying ground space. Using the substrate as the carrier of cultivation and nutrient solution supply makes it more ornamental, and it is the best choice for creating a family version of "sky garden".

Combined three-dimensional vertical grow racks cultivation

The group-type three-dimensional vertical grow racks have a simple cultivation structure, and the height can be adjusted according to different crops. The plate frame is easy to clean, easy to install, strong in integrity, good in sealing, and beautiful in appearance. It is suitable for vegetable production in agricultural parks, urban sightseeing agricultural gardens, botanical gardens, ecological restaurants and home gardening, etc.

The above is the full introduction to the vertical cultivation mode. Different cultivation modes can freely customize the vertical grow racks according to your needs. You can not only experience the fun of planting, but also harvest fresh vegetation.

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