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What are the specifications of the grow rack stand?

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The grow rack adopts Abeite reflective and heat-insulating integrated design laminates, which effectively prevents the laminates from absorbing moisture and self-expanding. Built-in power supply, independent control of lighting, safe, convenient, and easy to upgrade equipment; the frame is made of anti-static materials, integrated design, beautiful and generous, strong bearing capacity, no color change, corrosion resistance, small damage to the floor, easy to install ;The lamp tube adopts 28W/12w special spectrum lamp for tissue culture, which saves 60% of electric energy, increases the light intensity by 35%, increases the light quality absorption rate by 50%, and actually saves energy by more than 80%. The lamp tube has no corner bright spot, no water flicker, and quick response, which significantly improves the service life of the tissue culture lamp.

Grow rack stand parameters:

Brand: Yiteng

Light intensity: 0-3000/5000/7000/10000/15000---/60000lux

Dimensions: (1.25--2.0)*(0.5-1)*(1.8-3) meters (can be customized)

Number of layers: 6 layers and practical 5 layers (the number of layers can be set)

Number of lamps: 1/2/3/5/7/10/12/16 pcs/layer

Single floor area: 0.75----2 square meters

Lamp power: 12wLED or (28w)/single lamp

Power supply: 220v

Weight: 40--100kg

Self-control: microcomputer timer, 24 groups of arbitrary settings

Bearing capacity: 150-200kg

Column specification: 38*38*1.5mm (conventional parameters)

Frame specification: 1250*500*40 (height)*0.6mm (conventional parameters)

Grow rack stand features:

1. The specific spectrum lamp has high luminous rate and low heat generation rate, and can be in close contact with the culture.

2. The light frame is equipped with an independent switch, which can effectively save energy and reduce consumption.

3. The heating rate of the lamp tube is low, and the life span is as long as 15,000 hours. The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the culture bottle is small, and there is less water accumulation on the wall of the bottle, which avoids the generation of glass seedlings.

4. 240ml tissue culture bottles, each layer can hold 120-200 bottles, 350ml tissue culture bottles can hold 100-160 bottles, 650ml tissue culture bottles can hold 80--120 bottles. (except lengthened and widened)

Grow rack stand specifications

grow rack

1. Conventional laminate planting rack

Column specification: 38*38*1.5mm

Frame specification: 1250*500*40 (height)*0.6mm

2. Frame type (aluminum foil reflector, glass, tissue culture basket, etc.)

Column specification: 38*38*1.5mm

Frame specification: 1250*500*40 (height)*0.6mm

3. Cold-rolled steel buckle-type planting rack

Column specification: 30*40*1.5mm

Connecting pipe: 30*30*1.5mm

Laminate: 0.6mm

Bracket: 2mm

Frame specification: 1250*500*40 (height)*0.8mm

grow rack

4. Stainless steel planting rack

Column specification: 30*40*1.5mm

Laminate specification: 1250*500*40 (height)*0.8mm

Connecting pipe: 30*30*1.5mm

5. Aluminum planting rack

Column specification: 40*40*1.2mm

Frame (stainless steel plate) specifications: 1250*500*40 (high)*0.6mm

6. Butterfly Butterfly buckle planting rack

Column specification: 30*50*1.5=2mm C-shaped steel

Laminate specification: 1250*500*40 (height)*0.6mm

Beam: 30*50*1.2mm

The above is the full introduction of the specifications of the grow rack stand. We can suggest plant requirements for selection according to actual needs.

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