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What are the executive standards and structural requirements for file racks?

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When we are buying a compact rack, we will definitely ask a series of basic questions about the type, manufacturer and price of the compact rack, so do you know the implementation standards of the compact rack? The compact racks manufactured by each regular manufacturer have certain standards, let's take a look.

Execution standards for file racks

compact rack

1. Material Standard

Compact frame accessories GB699; column 1.5mm cold-rolled steel plate GB710; baffles, hanging plates, laminates, door frames, door panels, body panels, back panels, and top panels use 1.0mm cold-rolled steel plate GB710, plus other accessories and accessories.

2. Self-weight and load-bearing

The stacker is a double-layer structure with six layers inside. If all the documents are loaded with A4 paper, the weight of the stacker is 6*80 KG=480kg, that is to say, the floor of the stacker The bearing capacity is at least 75+480=555 kg.

3. Procurement Standards

In addition to the above basic conditions, many factors must be considered, and the load-bearing capacity of the room where the compact rack is placed should be reviewed. Only then can the specific size of the compact shelf be determined and then installed. The dense cabinet construction standards must be operated in strict accordance with strict standards.

compact rack

Structural requirements

1. The compact rack is an assembled combined structure, which is mainly composed of columns, shelves, hanging boards, side panels, chassis, ground rails and transmission devices. The bearing weight shall not be less than 80 kg/standard section, and the supports and columns shall not be deformed under full load.

2. The shelf and hanging board should be free to adjust the height spacing along the vertical direction of the column to 35mm.

3. The transmission mechanism and braking device should be installed in strict accordance with the technical standards of dense cabinets.

Processing and manufacturing requirements

1. All sheet metal parts and machined parts should be polished without cracks and scars after processing.

2. All welding parts should be welded firmly and the weld marks should be smooth and flat.

3. The parts and assemblies of the product should be interchangeable.

4. All standard parts and fasteners need to be galvanized.

The above article summarizes the implementation standards and structural requirements of the file rack. I believe everyone has a deep understanding. If you have any other questions about the rack, you can leave a message to us~

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