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What are the advantages of high-efficiency lighting plant grow racks?

time:July 17, 2023, 1:41 a.m. source:

High-efficiency lighting planting grow racks, including multiple groups of planting single racks, adjacent planting single racks are connected with horizontal shelving racks. A horizontal shelving frame is connected between several parallel shelving frames of the same height in a single frame; it has the advantage of making the plants receive efficient and more uniform light, and improves the consistency of the quality of the finished plant products.

The planting grow rack system includes a bracket, the bottom of the bracket is equipped with rollers, the upper part is equipped with a terrace-type adjusting bracket mechanism, the lower part is equipped with a water tank through the installation rod, the water tank is equipped with a sprout tray, and the terrace-type adjustment bracket mechanism is equipped with a planting box, planting the tank is connected with the water tank through the water circulation system; it has the characteristics of low labor intensity, high efficiency and small footprint.

Product Features

planting grow racks

1. Easy to assemble, strong and durable

The buckle combination is adopted between the column and the beam, which can be installed by hand, which is stable and reliable, and each layer bears 80KG; the height of each layer can be adjusted freely;

2. High safety and stable load-bearing

The frame body adopts the inclined-pull triangle welding method, the design is scientific and reasonable, the bearing capacity is stronger, and the stability is more stable;

3. Perfect lighting solution

Provide different lighting solutions according to the different purposes of users (plant tissue culture, plant planting and seedling raising and other lighting needs);

planting grow racks

4. Microcomputer control, timing switch

Each set of tissue culture racks has a matching microcomputer controller, automatic timing switch, and each layer can be controlled individually, saving time and effort;

5. Rare earth luminescent material, adjustable spectrum

The fill light adopts rare earth luminescent materials, and the light intensity increases with the same wattage; the spectrum is adjustable according to different uses; it provides precise lighting solutions.

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