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  • Simple Mobile Grow Racks
  • Simple Mobile Grow Racks
  • Simple Mobile Grow Racks
  • Simple Mobile Grow Racks
  • Simple Mobile Grow Racks
  • Simple Mobile Grow Racks
  • Simple Mobile Grow Racks
  • Simple Mobile Grow Racks

Simple Mobile Grow Racks

Simple mobile grow racks usually use to indoor growing, this type Simple mobile grow racks size and function is same to previous, only one point different that the base of simple mobile grow racks adopt newest design, stronger and easier to assemble. The new base design reduces the packaging volume by nearly half compared with the previous one. Can help you save shipping cost.At the same timesimple mobile grow racks offer a convenient and space-efficient solution for indoor gardening or small-scale plant cultivation.

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Simple mobile grow racks are a type of system used for indoor gardening or small-scale plant cultivation. They are designed to provide mobility and flexibility in optimizing the growing space. 

Simple Mobile Grow Racks Feature


Mobile grow racks are typically equipped with wheels or casters, allowing them to be easily moved or repositioned. This portability is beneficial for adjusting lighting, accessing plants, or creating space for maintenance activities.

Compact Design

Simple mobile grow racks are often designed to be compact and space-efficient. They are suitable for small-scale or home gardening setups where space is limited. The racks can be placed against a wall or in a corner, making efficient use of available space.

Vertical Growing

Mobile grow racks make use of vertical growing techniques, where plants are stacked in multiple tiers or shelves. This vertical arrangement maximizes the use of space and allows for a higher plant density.

Light Accessibility

The design of mobile grow racks ensures that each plant receives adequate light. The racks can be positioned to optimize light exposure for all tiers, promoting uniform growth and reducing shading among plants.

Adjustable Shelves

The shelves in mobile grow racks are often adjustable, allowing for flexibility in accommodating plants of different heights. This feature enables growers to customize the growing space based on the specific requirements of their plants.

Easy Maintenance

Simple mobile grow racks provide easy access to plants for watering, pruning, or inspecting. The mobility of the racks simplifies maintenance tasks by allowing growers to bring the plants to a convenient working height.

Space Optimization

By utilizing vertical growing techniques, mobile grow racks optimize the use of space. They allow for a larger number of plants to be grown in a limited area, making them suitable for small apartments, balconies, or indoor gardening setups with restricted space.


Mobile grow racks can accommodate a variety of plant types, including herbs, leafy greens, flowers, or small vegetables. They are adaptable to different growing techniques such as hydroponics, soil-based cultivation, or aeroponics.


Simple mobile grow racks are generally more affordable compared to larger, commercial-scale systems. They provide an accessible option for hobbyists, home gardeners, or those with limited space who want to engage in indoor plant cultivation.

Easy Assembly

Mobile grow racks are often designed for easy assembly and disassembly. They can be quickly set up without the need for complex installation or specialized tools.


Product Name

Simple Mobile Grow Racks




W8ft *D4ftH8/10/12/14/16ft

Loading capacity



Plant growing


2-4 growing tier


White or grey


1 cbm/unit(knock-down packing)

After sale service

3 years

Specification of simple mobile grow rack

(1) Upright of grow rack is 40mm*50mm;

(2) Simple mobile grow rack high: 8ft/10ft/12ft/14ft/16ft or customized;

(3) Simple mobile grow rack size: 4ft*4ft/8ft*4ft or customize;

(4) Growing tier: 2-3 tier;

(5) Simple mobile grow rack tray: ABS tray.

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