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How much do you know about the types of stereoscopic grow rack systems?

time:July 17, 2023, 1:18 a.m. source:

In order to save space and facilitate management, plant planting has become more and more three-dimensional, and various three-dimensional soilless cultivation equipment has sprung up. Many farmers who want to engage in soilless cultivation have no idea what types of three-dimensional grow rack systems are available and how to choose them. Now let me give you a general understanding.

Cascading planter

This is the simplest form of three-dimensional soilless cultivation equipment, that is, to let the plants grow out of the ground plane, and move from the tiled state into the upper and lower stacked space to achieve the effect of intensive planting and management.The characteristics of this form are that the structure is simple and popular, the planting scale is highly flexible, and the management of water, fertilizer, light, wind and temperature is relatively convenient.

Ladder Planter

This form is to stagger the layers of the growing racks, and at the same time compress the depth of each layer.In addition, the soilless cultivation equipment is made of a ladder structure, which is more suitable for planting climbing vines or plants that need to be suspended, such as cucumbers, melons, tomatoes, and strawberries.

grow rack

A-line planter

Two ladder-type planters are assembled back-to-back, which is the A-shaped planter. In addition to the advantages of ordinary ladder type, this three-dimensional soilless cultivation equipment has the characteristics of stable structure, large planting volume and beautiful shape. But it will be more troublesome when arranging the lighting conditions on both sides of the A word. If it is a pyramid aeroponics equipment, it is also necessary to rotate the tower body according to the position of the sun in order to take care of the planting of multiple surfaces.

Column planting stand

As the name implies, the planting frame of this form is distributed around the column on all sides, with a fan-shaped opening and a spiral upward shape. With different colors, among the three-dimensional soilless cultivation equipment, the appearance is relatively advanced.

This form and structure occupies a particularly compact footprint. However, the actual planting spacing and density vary due to different specific forms, which can produce different planting effects, and must be carefully planned and arranged.

At the same time, the chassis of this type of planting frame is generally too small and the center of gravity is too high. How to stabilize it is a problem.

grow rack

Flat planting stand

This planting rack is designed with only one planting surface, and there are certainly many shortcomings. For example, the planting amount per unit projected area is lower than that of other three-dimensional soilless cultivation equipment structures. At the same time, it is inconvenient to install lighting, ventilation and other equipment on it.

But its biggest advantage is that it is completely open and does not block the sun. Planting, maintenance, and retrieval do not require a lot of movement, just reach out and lean over. Simple maintenance, suitable for lazy people to plant.

The above is the whole introduction of the three-dimensional plant growth system. If you have any questions in use, you can feel free to contact us for in-depth discussions.

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