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What are the common types of mobile storage systems

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Mobile storage systems, also known as mobile shelving or high-density storage systems, are innovative solutions designed to maximize storage capacity and efficiency by optimizing the use of available space. These systems are particularly beneficial in environments where space is limited or where a high volume of items needs to be stored and accessed. Mobile storage systems offer various configurations and types, each catering to specific storage needs. 

Some common types of mobile storage systems

mobile storage systems

  • Mobile Shelving Systems: Mobile shelving units are a versatile storage solution consisting of shelves mounted on carriages that move on tracks. The shelves can be compacted together to save space and expand when access is required. Mobile shelving is used in offices, libraries, archives, and other settings where space optimization is crucial.
  • Mobile Racking Systems: Mobile racking systems are similar to mobile shelving but are designed for storing larger and heavier items. These systems are commonly used in warehouses and industrial environments to maximize storage density and improve accessibility.
  • Compactus Systems: Compactus is a brand name often used to refer to mobile shelving systems. These systems are popular in office spaces and other environments where a high volume of documents or items needs to be stored within a limited area.
mobile storage systems
  • Movable Pallet Racking: This type of mobile storage system is designed for palletized goods. Pallet racks are mounted on carriages that move along rails, allowing for dense storage of pallets while maintaining access to each individual pallet.
  • Art Rack Systems: Mobile art rack systems are used in museums, galleries, and cultural institutions to store artwork, artifacts, and collections. These systems provide secure storage while optimizing gallery space.
  • Archive Storage Systems: Mobile archive storage systems are designed to store documents, records, and files. They are often used in offices, government agencies, and legal institutions to maintain organized and accessible archives.
  • Library Compact Shelving: These systems are widely used in libraries to store books and other media. The shelves can be compacted together to create aisles, and they open up when a particular aisle needs to be accessed.
mobile storage systems
  • Industrial Mobile Storage: In industrial settings, mobile storage systems can be customized to store tools, equipment, and parts. These systems help reduce the amount of space needed for storage while improving inventory management.
  • Hospital Mobile Storage: Mobile storage systems find applications in healthcare environments, such as storing medical supplies, equipment, and patient records in hospitals and clinics.
  • Automated Mobile Storage: Some mobile storage systems incorporate automation, using motorized carriages that can be controlled electronically to open the desired aisle. These systems can be particularly efficient for high-density storage.

Mobile storage systems offer benefits such as space savings, improved organization, and easier access to stored items. The choice of system depends on the type of items being stored, available space, and specific requirements of the environment. These systems are available in various sizes and configurations to suit a wide range of industries and applications.

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