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What are the factors that affect the load-bearing of compact racks?

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The compact rack is usually used to store the company's documents, vouchers and archives. Because of its dense storage characteristics, it can improve the utilization of space and has been widely used. Before purchasing a compact racks, many units will first consider its load-bearing problem, what are the factors that affect the load-bearing of the compact racks, and the precautions when using it.

Factors affecting the load-bearing capacity of archives

Compact rack

1. Material quality affects load-bearing

Generally, the raw materials of the compact racks are cold-rolled steel plates, and other key parts are made of national standard steel plates. Therefore, when purchasing, you need to pay attention to whether the raw materials used by the manufacturer meet the standards, and whether the steel plates meet the standards. Only the compact racks that meet the standards and meet the standards can ensure the quality.

2. The structure of the house affects the load-bearing

In addition to the quality of the material that will affect the load-bearing of the compact rack, the floor where it is installed and the structure of the house will also affect the load-bearing. Different house structures and buildings, different floors, the load-bearing will also be different. Therefore, before purchasing, we also need to explain to the manufacturer the floor and house structure where our compact racks are to be stored, so as to facilitate the manufacturer's evaluation.

Matters needing attention when using the compact racks

Compact rack

1. When the user enters between the racks of the file storage rack, they need to lock the two racks with the self-locking handle before entering. This is done to prevent unintentional movement of the rack, or personal injury caused by someone else not noticing the rack.

2. When storing data, try to place the data evenly on both sides of the rack to avoid the danger of sideways due to the unbalanced force of the rack.

3. Do not climb the dense frame to avoid the dumping problem caused by the uneven load-bearing of the frame, which will cause harm to personal safety.

4. The compact racks usually store paper materials, so usually pay attention to dust and mold. Regularly clean the archives and maintain a ventilated and dry environment.

5. The archives should be equipped with fire extinguishing equipment in case it is needed. It is not allowed to use electrical and electrical equipment outside the regulations, such as electric kettles, electric stoves, etc. Units with conditions can also install electronic monitoring equipment for fire alarms.

6. The surface of the dense rack has undergone multi-layer anti-rust treatment. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the rack body with sharp objects such as keys and scissors, which will damage the anti-rust layer.

7. Do not scrub the surface of the frame with gasoline, high alcohol and pine fragrance, so as not to affect its luster. Usually, it is necessary to keep the grooves of the guide rails clean to avoid mechanical failures.

Regarding the factors that affect the load-bearing of the compact racks and the precautions when using it, the above is the relevant introduction of the editor, I hope it can be helpful to you. Our company produces a variety of different types of high-quality compact racks. If you want to order, please call us for consultation.

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