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What is the customization process for dense shelves

time:July 14, 2023, 7 a.m. source:

Dense shelves are widely used in office storage. Because they have a large storage capacity and can effectively save space, they have high practicability. Because they are not placed in different locations, they are generally customized. In the customization process There is also a certain customization process, so how to customize the dense shelves? What is the process?

Customization process of dense shelf

Dense shelves

1. Determine the place and quantity

The dense shelf must first choose where to place it. It should not be placed in a room that is too humid because it will cause great damage to the product. After the room is determined, we will plan the number of shelves to be placed according to actual needs and other room layouts.

2. Select and determine the style of the dense shelf

(1) The operation is divided into manual and intelligent

Choose the style of the compact rack according to the needs of daily use. The operation is divided into manual and intelligent. All operations of the manual compact shelf need to be considered to be completed manually. The disadvantages are that if the workload is large, it takes more time and the efficiency is not high, but The price is very cheap. Intelligent compact racks are characterized by convenience, speed, and intelligence. When looking for information, you can find the corresponding location with a simple check, which is high in cost and high in price.

(2) Other styles

Other styles of intensive cabinets should be adopted according to the specific situation: base map intensive cabinets store drawings, accounting document intensive cabinets increase load-bearing, calligraphy and calligraphy intensive cabinet storage, goods intensive cabinet storage, etc.

3. Determine the size

In fact, there is a preliminary plan in the design specifications of the step. Here it is the root customer to communicate and integrate according to the user's opinions and our years of production experience, and finally determine the specifications, dimensions, load-bearing and so on of the compact rack.

4. Determine the material

Generally, the thickness of the compact frame is 0.8mm, and the thickness of the ground rail is 1.2mm. Only when this thickness is met, can the long-term load-bearing of the compact frame be guaranteed without deformation.

5. Accessories selection

Also pay attention to the accessories of the compact rack. Many consumers only look at the quality of the product when they buy things, and don't pay enough attention to the product itself, and most of the problems end up with these components. The crank handle, chassis, transmission system, hardware, etc. of the compact rack should pay attention to its brand and quality, and confirm clearly before buying.

The above article has explained the basic process of customization of dense shelves in detail. I believe that everyone has their own answers to the question of how to customize the dense shelves. Some details can be effectively determined in the future customization process, and it is very good to follow the manufacturer communicates.

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