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Grow racks

What are the performances of mobile vertical grow racks

A mobile vertical grow rack is a type of gardening equipment designed for growing plants in a vertical orientation. It is a metal or plastic frame with shelves or trays for holding pots or hydroponic growing systems, allowing for increased growing space in a compact area. The shelves or trays can be adjusted for customization […]

What are the three-dimensional cultivation modes?

Three-dimensional cultivation is a three-dimensional model of soilless cultivation. This kind of cultivation is based on vertical gradient layered cultivation through vertical grow racks or in the form of erection and hanging without affecting flat cultivation, so as to improve land utilization. . All kinds of three-dimensional vertical grow racks are reasonably configured to maximize […]

Plant Grow Rack

Detailed Explanation of Grow Rack Ventilation Solutions

The grow rack technology provides convenience for plant lovers, but the temperature and humidity control of the grow rack is particularly important for plants. Too high or too low temperature and humidity will affect the planting quality and even cause diseases and insect pests. If some effective measures can be taken to make the ventilation and […]