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Sales contract execution and product quality synchronous monitoring system.


  • Contract execution process panel
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  • Schedule the contracts and production plans at anytime


  • Intelligent production equipment
  • Guarantee high efficiency and high quality

Grow racks

How much do you know about the types of stereoscopic grow rack systems?

In order to save space and facilitate management, plant planting has become more and more three-dimensional, and various three-dimensional soilless cultivation equipment has sprung up. Many farmers who want to engage in soilless cultivation have no idea what types of three-dimensional grow rack systems are available and how to choose them. Now let me give […]

Grow racks

What does it mean for plants to use a plant grow rack?

The plant grow rack is a rack-like tool specially formed for plant cultivation. It is mainly used to cultivate tissue culture plants. So what does this product mean for plants? 1. Plant culture is an important means to study the laws of plant growth and differentiation Tissue culture is a technique for culturing explants to […]