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Industrial racking

What are the different load-bearing standards of different shelves?

The key to the carrying capacity of warehouse racks depends on the type of rack. Different types of shelves have different scope of application and different natural load standards. We have made a detailed summary of the load-bearing standards of different shelves, let’s take a look at it~ The load-bearing standard of different shelves 1. […]

Grow racks

What are the advantages of plant grow racks over agricultural systems?

The plant grow rack is a high-efficiency agricultural system that realizes the annual continuous production of crops through high-precision environmental control in the facility. In a limited space, scientists use computers to precisely control the temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide concentration, nutrient solution and other environmental conditions required for plant growth and development to obtain […]

vertical growth racks

What is the classification of vertical growth racks?

In China, soilless cultivation began in the 1970s, mainly to cultivate soilless seedlings of rice and vegetable crops. At this time, the cultivation method was mainly flat cultivation. With the development of economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the cultivation form of soilless culture has begun to be used for soilless cultivation of […]