What are the performances of mobile vertical grow racks

A mobile vertical grow rack is a type of gardening equipment designed for growing plants in a vertical orientation. It is a metal or plastic frame with shelves or trays for holding pots or hydroponic growing systems, allowing for increased growing space in a compact area. The shelves or trays can be adjusted for customization of the height and spacing of the plants, and the racks are equipped with wheels for ease of movement. The use of mobile vertical grow racks is common in residential gardens, commercial greenhouses, and indoor hydroponic growing systems, offering several benefits such as improved plant health and growth, and more efficient use of light and nutrients.

Plant Grow Rack

The performance of a mobile vertical grow rack depends on several factors, including the type of plants being grown, the lighting and nutrient system used, and the overall environment and conditions of the grow space. Here are some key factors that can impact the performance of a mobile vertical grow rack:

1. Lighting: Adequate and appropriate lighting is essential for good plant growth, and can have a significant impact on the performance of the grow rack.

2. Nutrient delivery: Proper delivery of nutrients to the plants is critical for optimal growth and performance. Mobile vertical grow racks may use hydroponic systems or soil-based growing methods, and the type of system used will impact the performance of the rack.

3. Climate control: The temperature, humidity, and ventilation of the grow space can all impact the performance of the mobile vertical grow rack. Proper climate control helps to maintain optimal growing conditions for the plants.

Grow racks

4.Pest and disease control: Pests and diseases can have a significant impact on the performance of the grow rack. Growers should take measures to prevent and control infestations to maintain optimal plant health.

5. Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance of the mobile vertical grow rack can help to ensure its performance and longevity.

In general, the performance of a mobile vertical grow rack can be optimized by maintaining appropriate growing conditions, providing adequate light and nutrients, and implementing good growing practices. With proper care and attention, a mobile vertical grow rack can provide a high-performance growing environment for a wide range of plants.

What are the three-dimensional cultivation modes?

Three-dimensional cultivation is a three-dimensional model of soilless cultivation. This kind of cultivation is based on vertical gradient layered cultivation through vertical grow racks or in the form of erection and hanging without affecting flat cultivation, so as to improve land utilization. . All kinds of three-dimensional vertical grow racks are reasonably configured to maximize space utilization and ensure production while being more ornamental.

Spiral bionic column cultivation

The vertical grow racks are stacked in series in four directions in a spiral shape, forming a cultivation column, and the column is fixed, which is convenient for installation of the return pipeline. The spiral arrangement is conducive to the uniform lighting of each plant on the column. The matching two kinds of planting covers are conducive to the cultivation selection of a variety of flowers and leafy vegetables; it is conducive to the upright growth of each plant, and improves the commodity and product uniformity of leafy vegetables.

Bed square tube pipe hydroponics

Bed hydroponics consists of a cultivation system, a support and fixation system, a nutrient solution circulation system and a control system. The outer layer of the pipe wall is white and the inner layer is black. The unique double-layer structure prevents sunlight radiation and lowers the pipe temperature while creating an ecologically dark environment for better growth of plants. The dark environment eliminates the conditions for algae production to fundamentally solve the problem of algae associated with hydroponic vegetable production. Diversion grooves are designed on the upper and lower layers of the inner wall to allow the nutrient solution to flow fully and ensure the complete circulation of the nutrient solution.

Plant Grow Rack

Three-dimensional square tube pipe hydroponics

The three-dimensional pipe vertical grow racks is a deformed hydroponics method of bed pipe hydroponics. The horizontal pipes are passed through the brackets to make a space superimposed shape, which makes full use of the space and can form a good viewing effect.

Type A round pipe hydroponics

The A-type hydroponic pipeline is another deformed hydroponics method of the bed pipeline hydroponics. The horizontal pipeline is made into an A-shaped space superimposed through the bracket, which not only makes full use of the space, but also forms a good viewing effect.

Pillar cultivation

The vertical grow racks and the connection box are in the shape of a 1/4 arc, and the diameter of the inner cavity is 22cm. It is suitable for the wrapping platform of most existing greenhouse columns and forms a three-dimensional planting column. The two are nested and occluded with each other, and can be formed independently when used in a pillar-holding style. The connection box can realize the function of adjusting the distance between the upper and lower planting layers and realizing the changeable shape of the column planting.

Mobile vertical grow racks

Chain foam box hydroponics

Reasonable use of space and increase per unit yield. High degree of automation, simple operation and easy management. It is easy to install and can be flexibly assembled as required. Wide applicability, especially suitable for landscape cultivation.

Double layer DFT hydroponics

In order to make full use of the greenhouse space, the single-layer cultivation is three-dimensional, and it is developed into a three-dimensional multi-layer deep liquid flow hydroponics, and the nutrient solution flows periodically to supplement the needs of plant growth. This method is suitable for large-scale industrial leaf vegetable cultivation projects, and has good promotion.

Aerosol cultivation

Aerosol cultivation is a new type of cultivation method. It is a soilless cultivation technique that uses a spray device to atomize the nutrient solution into small droplets and spray it directly to the root system of the plant to provide the water and nutrients required for plant growth. It is a feasible form to solve the water-air contradiction of the root system in all soilless cultivation techniques, and it is also easy to automatically control and perform three-dimensional cultivation, improving the utilization rate of the greenhouse space.

Grow racks

Aerial cultivation

Aerial cultivation is to plant crops in liftable cultivation tanks, and freely adjust the required height according to demand, without occupying ground space. Using the substrate as the carrier of cultivation and nutrient solution supply makes it more ornamental, and it is the best choice for creating a family version of “sky garden”.

Combined three-dimensional vertical grow racks cultivation

The group-type three-dimensional vertical grow racks have a simple cultivation structure, and the height can be adjusted according to different crops. The plate frame is easy to clean, easy to install, strong in integrity, good in sealing, and beautiful in appearance. It is suitable for vegetable production in agricultural parks, urban sightseeing agricultural gardens, botanical gardens, ecological restaurants and home gardening, etc.

The above is the full introduction to the vertical cultivation mode. Different cultivation modes can freely customize the vertical grow racks according to your needs. You can not only experience the fun of planting, but also harvest fresh vegetation.

Detailed Explanation of Grow Rack Ventilation Solutions

The grow rack technology provides convenience for plant lovers, but the temperature and humidity control of the grow rack is particularly important for plants. Too high or too low temperature and humidity will affect the planting quality and even cause diseases and insect pests. If some effective measures can be taken to make the ventilation and cooling effect of the grow rack better, and at the same time reduce its operating cost, the ventilation system will become a link that consumes a lot of energy for the grow rack.

How to control the temperature of the grow rack?

It is mainly adjusted by means of ventilation and heating, that is, a ventilation system, to ensure the necessary ambient temperature required for the growth of plants. The cooling of the grow rack is mainly through the exchange of air inside and outside the frame, and ventilation to adjust the internal temperature.

Fan forced cooling system is the best cost-effective

When choosing an evaporative cooling method (wet pad-fan cooling system, spray humidification and cooling system), it is necessary to make a technical and economic comparison of the “one-time investment and operating costs” of each plan, and minimize the total cost as the goal of the optimization plan. At present, the fan forced cooling system has become the most widely used ventilation and cooling system. This system is combined with a special axial flow fan for the greenhouse and a wet curtain, and the ventilation is fast and the temperature is cooled very quickly. After many experiments, it has been shown that the fan forced cooling system has become a cost-effective ventilation and cooling solution with good cooling effect and low cost.

Simple and practical sunshade cooling

When selecting shading methods (inner shading, outer shading), it should be determined according to the seasonal environment of plant growth. If the production cycle of the greenhouse is long, it is often more energy-efficient to use inner shading. For the same sunshade net, although the cooling effect of the inner sunshade is worse than that of the outer sunshade, when the indoor sunshade is used in conjunction with the wet curtain fan system, the volume of the indoor air exchange will be reduced, thereby reducing the running time of the fan and saving running fee. If summer shading is combined with autumn and winter heat preservation, the indoor shading and heat preservation system will also reduce the investment in greenhouse construction.

Mobile vertical grow racks

Take natural ventilation to cool down

For example, from the design point of view, try to adopt natural ventilation and artificial window opening system, which not only saves equipment investment, but also saves the power cost and maintenance cost of its mechanical operation. Under the condition that natural ventilation cannot be adopted, daily operating costs can also be saved by selecting new energy-efficient equipment.

Of course, the system can also be designed as a manual and mechanical dual-purpose system. In most cases, artificial natural ventilation is used, and in special cases, mechanical ventilation is used, so that the running time of cooling equipment can be reduced.

The above is the introduction of the entire content of the ventilation solution for the grow rack. When choosing the actual solution, the choice should be made according to the growth cycle of the plant and the environment in which it is located.

What are the specifications of the grow rack stand?

The grow rack adopts Abeite reflective and heat-insulating integrated design laminates, which effectively prevents the laminates from absorbing moisture and self-expanding. Built-in power supply, independent control of lighting, safe, convenient, and easy to upgrade equipment; the frame is made of anti-static materials, integrated design, beautiful and generous, strong bearing capacity, no color change, corrosion resistance, small damage to the floor, easy to install ;The lamp tube adopts 28W/12w special spectrum lamp for tissue culture, which saves 60% of electric energy, increases the light intensity by 35%, increases the light quality absorption rate by 50%, and actually saves energy by more than 80%. The lamp tube has no corner bright spot, no water flicker, and quick response, which significantly improves the service life of the tissue culture lamp.

Grow rack stand parameters:

Brand: Yiteng

Light intensity: 0-3000/5000/7000/10000/15000—/60000lux

Dimensions: (1.25–2.0)*(0.5-1)*(1.8-3) meters (can be customized)

Number of layers: 6 layers and practical 5 layers (the number of layers can be set)

Number of lamps: 1/2/3/5/7/10/12/16 pcs/layer

Single floor area: 0.75—-2 square meters

Lamp power: 12wLED or (28w)/single lamp

Power supply: 220v

Weight: 40–100kg

Self-control: microcomputer timer, 24 groups of arbitrary settings

Bearing capacity: 150-200kg

Column specification: 38*38*1.5mm (conventional parameters)

Frame specification: 1250*500*40 (height)*0.6mm (conventional parameters)

Grow rack stand features:

1. The specific spectrum lamp has high luminous rate and low heat generation rate, and can be in close contact with the culture.

2. The light frame is equipped with an independent switch, which can effectively save energy and reduce consumption.

3. The heating rate of the lamp tube is low, and the life span is as long as 15,000 hours. The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the culture bottle is small, and there is less water accumulation on the wall of the bottle, which avoids the generation of glass seedlings.

4. 240ml tissue culture bottles, each layer can hold 120-200 bottles, 350ml tissue culture bottles can hold 100-160 bottles, 650ml tissue culture bottles can hold 80–120 bottles. (except lengthened and widened)

Grow rack stand specifications

Grow racks

1. Conventional laminate planting rack

Column specification: 38*38*1.5mm

Frame specification: 1250*500*40 (height)*0.6mm

2. Frame type (aluminum foil reflector, glass, tissue culture basket, etc.)

Column specification: 38*38*1.5mm

Frame specification: 1250*500*40 (height)*0.6mm

3. Cold-rolled steel buckle-type planting rack

Column specification: 30*40*1.5mm

Connecting pipe: 30*30*1.5mm

Laminate: 0.6mm

Bracket: 2mm

Frame specification: 1250*500*40 (height)*0.8mm

Mobile vertical grow racks

4. Stainless steel planting rack

Column specification: 30*40*1.5mm

Laminate specification: 1250*500*40 (height)*0.8mm

Connecting pipe: 30*30*1.5mm

5. Aluminum planting rack

Column specification: 40*40*1.2mm

Frame (stainless steel plate) specifications: 1250*500*40 (high)*0.6mm

6. Butterfly Butterfly buckle planting rack

Column specification: 30*50*1.5=2mm C-shaped steel

Laminate specification: 1250*500*40 (height)*0.6mm

Beam: 30*50*1.2mm

The above is the full introduction of the specifications of the grow rack stand. We can suggest plant requirements for selection according to actual needs.

How long is the life of mobile office shelving?

The service life of mobile office shelving is generally 30-50 years, and they can be used longer if they are well maintained. Although the replacement of mobile office shelving will not be as fast as small items, you should pay more attention when purchasing and using them. The life of the office shelf is related to its material quality, production process, maintenance method and other factors, so how long is the life of the mobile office shelf?

The service life of mobile office shelving

Mobile shelving

One of the more important factors about the service life of the mobile office shelf is the manufacturing process and raw material selection of the mobile office shelf purchased by the manufacturer of the mobile office shelf, because we all know that the mobile office shelf is used to store documents, so The mobile office shelf must have a certain load-bearing capacity. If the process or material selection is not good, it will be deformed or bent later. Therefore, when purchasing a mobile office shelf, you must choose a regular manufacturer, so that the life of the mobile office shelf is more guaranteed.

The second more important factor is the maintenance and maintenance of the user during use. Because of the good manufacturing process and material selection of the manufacturer, it is a new start for the mobile office shelf in the hands of the user. The user should avoid exposure to the sun during use. , These parts of the transmission chain should be cleaned regularly. If the office shelf is moved manually, it should also avoid the situation that the chain cannot be rotated due to rust. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to fire prevention and moisture resistance. Remember to protect against UV rays.

Measures to extend the life of mobile office shelving

Mobile archive shelving

1. Fire prevention

The fire that can cause significant damage to the archives, so the warehouse where the mobile office shelving are stored must take protective measures to meet the fire protection requirements, and the decoration of the warehouse should not use flammable materials. At the same time, fire-fighting equipment should be purchased, such as fire extinguishers, etc. Enterprises with conditions can also install fire-fighting alarm devices.

2. Anti-theft

Anti-theft is an important means to prevent file damage. Equipped with the necessary anti-theft equipment, and qualified units should set up electronic alarm equipment to ensure the safe storage of documents.

3. Anti-light

The ultraviolet radiation in the light has a great direct destructive effect on the cellulose and lignin in the paper, reducing the strength of the paper, and the long-term ultraviolet radiation will also cause damage to the mobile office shelf, so the mobile office shelf should be installed Where it is difficult to avoid direct sunlight, you can use hanging sunshade curtains to prevent light from shining on mobile office shelving, and you should also try to avoid long-term direct light on files.

4. Anti-mildew

In a hot and humid environment, files are prone to mildew. Once the file grows mold, the mold is difficult to remove, and the mold that penetrates into the paper will also reduce the firmness of the paper within a few days. Therefore, the mobile office shelf should be placed in a ventilated place, which is conducive to extending the service life of the mobile office shelf. It can also better store archive files.

The mobile office shelf has a service life of 20 years and is maintenance-free, but this has something to do with the quality of the mobile office shelf you purchase. Usually need to pay attention to the environmental impact, pay attention to moisture, sunscreen and anti-collision. If you have any questions about mobile office shelving, you can leave us a message~

What are the advantages of high-efficiency lighting plant grow racks?

High-efficiency lighting planting grow racks, including multiple groups of planting single racks, adjacent planting single racks are connected with horizontal shelving racks. A horizontal shelving frame is connected between several parallel shelving frames of the same height in a single frame; it has the advantage of making the plants receive efficient and more uniform light, and improves the consistency of the quality of the finished plant products.

The planting grow rack system includes a bracket, the bottom of the bracket is equipped with rollers, the upper part is equipped with a terrace-type adjusting bracket mechanism, the lower part is equipped with a water tank through the installation rod, the water tank is equipped with a sprout tray, and the terrace-type adjustment bracket mechanism is equipped with a planting box, planting the tank is connected with the water tank through the water circulation system; it has the characteristics of low labor intensity, high efficiency and small footprint.

Product Features

Grow racks

1. Easy to assemble, strong and durable

The buckle combination is adopted between the column and the beam, which can be installed by hand, which is stable and reliable, and each layer bears 80KG; the height of each layer can be adjusted freely;

2. High safety and stable load-bearing

The frame body adopts the inclined-pull triangle welding method, the design is scientific and reasonable, the bearing capacity is stronger, and the stability is more stable;

3. Perfect lighting solution

Provide different lighting solutions according to the different purposes of users (plant tissue culture, plant planting and seedling raising and other lighting needs);

Mobile vertical grow racks

4. Microcomputer control, timing switch

Each set of tissue culture racks has a matching microcomputer controller, automatic timing switch, and each layer can be controlled individually, saving time and effort;

5. Rare earth luminescent material, adjustable spectrum

The fill light adopts rare earth luminescent materials, and the light intensity increases with the same wattage; the spectrum is adjustable according to different uses; it provides precise lighting solutions.

We are committed to providing professional plant tissue culture, seedling, growth and other lighting solutions for the majority of users, and look forward to your consultation.

What are the executive standards and structural requirements for file racks?

When we are buying a compact rack, we will definitely ask a series of basic questions about the type, manufacturer and price of the compact rack, so do you know the implementation standards of the compact rack? The compact racks manufactured by each regular manufacturer have certain standards, let’s take a look.

Execution standards for file racks

Mobile shelving

1. Material Standard

Compact frame accessories GB699; column 1.5mm cold-rolled steel plate GB710; baffles, hanging plates, laminates, door frames, door panels, body panels, back panels, and top panels use 1.0mm cold-rolled steel plate GB710, plus other accessories and accessories.

2. Self-weight and load-bearing

The stacker is a double-layer structure with six layers inside. If all the documents are loaded with A4 paper, the weight of the stacker is 6*80 KG=480kg, that is to say, the floor of the stacker The bearing capacity is at least 75+480=555 kg.

3. Procurement Standards

In addition to the above basic conditions, many factors must be considered, and the load-bearing capacity of the room where the compact rack is placed should be reviewed. Only then can the specific size of the compact shelf be determined and then installed. The dense cabinet construction standards must be operated in strict accordance with strict standards.

Mobile office shelving

Structural requirements

1. The compact rack is an assembled combined structure, which is mainly composed of columns, shelves, hanging boards, side panels, chassis, ground rails and transmission devices. The bearing weight shall not be less than 80 kg/standard section, and the supports and columns shall not be deformed under full load.

2. The shelf and hanging board should be free to adjust the height spacing along the vertical direction of the column to 35mm.

3. The transmission mechanism and braking device should be installed in strict accordance with the technical standards of dense cabinets.

3. Processing and manufacturing requirements

1. All sheet metal parts and machined parts should be polished without cracks and scars after processing.

2. All welding parts should be welded firmly and the weld marks should be smooth and flat.

3. The parts and assemblies of the product should be interchangeable.

4. All standard parts and fasteners need to be galvanized.

The above article summarizes the implementation standards and structural requirements of the file rack. I believe everyone has a deep understanding. If you have any other questions about the rack, you can leave a message to us~

What are the reasons for the price changes of heavy duty shelves?

Many companies will face different prices in the process of purchasing heavy-duty shelves, or the prices given by different manufacturers of two shelves with the same surface will be different, so how can we purchase heavy-duty shelves suitable for enterprise warehouses? ? What are the reasons that affect the price changes of heavy duty shelves?

Reasons affecting the price changes of heavy shelves

Industrial racking

1. Production materials

The raw materials produced by the heavy-duty shelves are different, and the prices of the raw materials will also be different, which will affect the cost of the shelves, so the prices of the produced heavy-duty shelves will also be different.

2. Heavy duty rack structure

The price of the heavy-duty shelf structure is also different. The main structural firmware of the shelf is the column, the beam and the laminate. The thickness and specification of the plate are the determining factors of the shelf price.

3. The location of the shelf manufacturer

Depending on the location of the manufacturer, local taxes, factory rent, and the cost of goods in the transportation process are the hidden costs of heavy-duty shelves in the production process. These factors also affect the production cost of heavy-duty shelves.

Shelf selection skills

1. Purchase according to the type of material to be loaded and the weight of the material to be loaded

It does not matter if the warehouse shelf manufacturer does not have the specifications we need, the scale and load-bearing weight of the shelf can be customized. But a good way is for us to give relevant information and let the manufacturer give suggestions.

2. Consider putting shelves into loading and unloading equipment

Find out if you already have a stacking device for shelves. If there is, you need to think about the gyration radius of the equipment, the width of the equipment and other factors.

3. It is also necessary to consider the ground bearing level of the warehouse itself

If the load-bearing on the ground of the warehouse is relatively low, and the selected shelf has a relatively high load-bearing capacity, it will cause the ground to sink or deform, or even fall, causing safety accidents.

4. It is necessary to consider the planning of the use of warehouse shelves

We cannot only pay attention to the space utilization of shelves, but neglect the concept of logistics. If the fluidity of the material is uncertain, the dimensions, load-bearing, loading and unloading equipment of the shelves may be different.

The above article summarizes in detail the reasons that affect the price changes of heavy-duty shelves and the method of selecting suitable shelves. I hope it can help everyone. If you have any other questions about the shelves, please leave a message to us~

What are the laying methods of compact rack?

Many people worry that their floor will be damaged when purchasing file racks. When laying, they should lay the floor first or not. If the floor is laid, which way should you choose to lay the track? In fact, this depends on the selected file rack manufacturer. Whether a good file rack manufacturer chooses to tile or slot, it will not affect the floor. In response to these problems, the compact rack manufacturer will give you a detailed explanation of the laying methods of the compact track, and whether the ground will be damaged when laying the track.

Laying method of compact rack

Mobile archive shelving

The laying methods of common file rack tracks are basically divided into two types: above-ground rails and underground rails:

1. Ground track

The above-ground track is not only easy to install, but also less destructive to the ground. The operation method is to lay the track directly on the ground and fix it with the ground with bolts.

2. Underground track

The underground track needs to be cut through the ground for re-grooving, or it needs to be pre-embedded. The installation operation is to lay the track of the dense frame below the ground. The laying method needs to be selected according to the specific conditions of the archives.

Precautions for the laying of compact rack

Mobile shelving

1. The track of the compact frame needs to be fixed on the ground with expansion screws. After the track is installed, make sure that the track is not loose.

2. The compact frame track must be installed on the level ground, the horizontal error cannot exceed 1mm, and the parallelism error between any two tracks should not exceed 1mm.

3. Blocks must be set at both ends of the track to prevent the rack from sliding to the end of one end and derailment. After the derailment occurs, it is difficult to install due to the heavy weight of the rack.

4. The track should be fully grounded to prevent static electricity from hurting people and objects.

5. After the track installation is completed, try out the dense rack track for many times to ensure that the slideway is flexible and smooth, to ensure that the track is smooth, and to prevent hard objects inside the track.

The above content is the whole introduction about the laying method of the compact frame track. I believe that everyone has a relevant understanding of the laying of the compact frame track. Therefore, everyone must follow the above methods when carrying out related operations, so as to protect the ground from damage to a greater extent.

What are the different load-bearing standards of different shelves?

The key to the carrying capacity of warehouse racks depends on the type of rack. Different types of shelves have different scope of application and different natural load standards. We have made a detailed summary of the load-bearing standards of different shelves, let’s take a look at it~

The load-bearing standard of different shelves

1. Light shelf

Each layer can carry 100kg-200kg, and the height can be adjusted at will, which is suitable for the storage of light bulk parts. L1500*W500*H2000 (four layers) general specifications.

2. Medium shelf

Each layer can carry 150-250kg, the height can be adjusted at will, and it is easy to install and unload.

3. Heavy duty shelves

Each layer can carry 800kg-4000kg, which is suitable for the storage of various goods. Pallet stacking height and forklift operation make full use of space and are more commonly used shelves. For heavy-duty shelf design, the shelf length is generally less than 3.5 meters, because the longer the shelf, the worse the bearing quality, less than 3.5 meters, which is a more appropriate spacing. Generally speaking, how high is your warehouse, how high can heavy-duty shelves be designed, forklifts are convenient and fast to use, and the storage effect is good.

4. Cantilever shelf

Cantilever racks are suitable for storing long materials, round materials, sheets, pipes and irregular goods. Cantilevers can be single-sided or double-sided. The cantilever frame has the characteristics of stable structure, good bearing capacity and high space utilization rate.

5. Mold shelf

It mainly stores various mold items, which can be divided into light mold racks and heavy mold racks according to the requirements of loading capacity. The top of the shelf can be equipped with a mobile lift to facilitate the lifting of the mold. Size 3100*600*2000, floor load 80Okg, drawer size 900*600, floor height 540.500 days, truck load 500kg.

6. Entering three-dimensional shelves

Also known as pass-through shelving or aisle shelving, an entire shelving segmented by an aisle. Palletized cargo storage, no dedicated forklift access. Forklifts need to enter the rack to pick up the goods. As for the carrying capacity of the first floor, it is designed according to the weight of the palletized goods.

7. Shuttle three-dimensional shelf

Similar to the advantages of straight-through three-dimensional shelves, shuttle shelves also have the characteristics of high storage density, convenient storage and high management efficiency. The shuttle car controlled by the system shuttles between the shelves, which can meet the needs of automatic and rapid storage.

To sum up, the load-bearing standards of different shelves are summarized in detail. I hope it can help everyone. If you have any other questions about the shelves, please leave a message to us~